Saturday, August 4, 2012

A visit from Betsy!

 Yesterday I was on the phone chatting with Betsy Speert (of Betsy Speert's Blog fame ). We got to talking and one thing led to another and I invited her by the store~I told her I wanted a little more help rearranging and I bribed her with a gilding wax to entice her....she told me her hand was hurting from such chronic Annie Sloan™ painting, so she said she would come over and give me a hand.  As you can see, it didn't take long for Betsy to take charge and as I listened to her regaling the virtues of Chalk Paint™ to my shoppers, I just had to snap a pic!! Betsy Speert LOVES Chalk Paint™!! Oh yes she does~!
 It  was pretty cute to see her sitting at the helm of Maison Decor~
she has become a trusted friend and advisor.  I feel so lucky 
to have her on my team~she is a wealth of knowledge about running 
a business, and of course she is such a talent.
 She is addicted to the paint, and left the shop with 
another group of colors that she had not purchased the first time.
 We spent several hours rearranging inventory~and so when I popped in this morning I
snapped a few pics to show the results~here is my pride and joy and latest creation!
 We used this cottage dresser as a display for the color chart
 and the small samplers that I now carry.

With pieces moving in and out weekly,
 the store is always getting shuffled around.
 I had a picker come by and drop off two pieces for me yesterday as well~
this french music cabinet needs some work and
 it should make a gorgeous display shelf
for someone's home when I am finished.  
As my picker Rebecca, said, "It needs some of your paint!"
 Rebecca also brought me this mirror~it is stunning!!
 Look at the pretty green color under the old gilding framework~its gorgeous.
 I won't need to touch this baby~now if Betsy looks at these photos, 
she is gonna say, "HEY!!, I put the burlap pillows 
on the bench and you already moved them~!!! &$%#!!
 Yeah, I moved them into this big basket~I wanted to prop 
the fancy mirror up there and with '
the green and gold frame I did not like them 
with the red and blue burlap pillows.
 So this is where they are now~what do you think? 
Betsy did a little work on the front entry area too 
which is now anchored with a vintage golden oak chest.
It says, "Welcome to Painters Paradise~the land of Annie Sloan™"
Thanks Betsy!!



  1. It's a joy to meet you fantastic ladies virtually - but in person would be wonderful! I am so happy you two had a great time together - LOVE the ladie's dressing table - so chic and so vintage! Have you seen the movie, "Nanny Diaries" - this reminds me of the mother's dressing table -
    Hope you're having a blessed day,

  2. Amy I Love the way you and Betsy have arranged the shop and the new pieces wow. So does your picker go out and be on the lookout for finds for you?

    I wish I lived nearby I would stop in to shop all the time!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  3. I have been reading Betsy's blog from front to back for the past few days (love the 14 posts on her neice's dining room), so I feel I can channel her today and say that her comments about you moving the pillows from where she put them will have quite a few more of the &%#@*&^%#@*#'s to them! ;-)

    Love everything you do in your shop and you are so lucky to have Betsy as a friend.

  4. That vanity is just stunning! I'm going to be a little sorry when you tell us it is sold, Amy! I'm doing some Annie Sloan painting today on a few small pieces. I'm doing Pure White, which I picked up because I plan on doing it on the two tables in my craft/sewing room. I was going to go with Old White but it is too close to the color of the walls. I did find a roadside rescue {post to come!} that I plan on doing Old White, though, so that is a favorite color that I'll get to use again shortly.

  5. The shop looks great. I love that mirror! Beautiful shape. I think it is fantastic you got the sample sizes now. Do you ship them? In your shop I didn't see any paint, just the waxes. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place?

  6. Hi Amy,
    I can just imagine what the shop atmosphere is like when Betsey is around! I'm sure she lights up the place and keeps everyone laughing. I'm so glad that you have her as a friend and advisor.

    Your shop looks stunning. I wouldn't change.


  7. Looks great Amy, Betsy must be a hoot to have around. What fun..The shop looks wonderful.

  8. Beautiful, Amy! Amazing how little changes make a huge difference. :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. Amy your shop looks fabulous! LOVE that vanity!

  10. Hi Amy! Oh, how neat to have Betsy pop in a boss you around! :) I just love her blog and enjoy her commentary almost as much as her pretty pictures! Well, your shop is gorgeous. You have the prettiest things there!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. I love how much fun you are having and thanks for Sharing with us !
    Betsy D. the other one....;0)

  12. What fun ... isn't it fun to "tweak" with fabulous decorating buddies ?! Your space is incredible ... wish I lived closer !!

  13. The first thing I thought when I saw the changed pillows was"%€£$&", and then you went and wrote that you knew that would be my response!!! The WHOLE POINT OF CLEANING OFF THE BENCH WAS SO THAT FOLKS COULD SEE IT, AND THAT YOU COULD THEN SELL THE $&@ THING!!!! AND THEN YOU GO AND COVER IT UP WITH THE NEW MIRROR THAT YOU ARE IN LOOOOVE WITH!!! OY! OY! OY!

  14. Oh, yeah, the pillows look good in the basket.....

  15. Your shop looks gorgeous Amy! The striped vanity is beautiful....a true work of art. I am really enjoying my clock and everyone who comes to our home compliments it. I have it sitting in the perfect spot in our living room.

  16. Well one thing about a shop/store: it's always changing or else you wouldn't be selling anything ;-)

    Keep up the great work and maybe some day I'll get a chance to meet both you and Betsy. either of you will venture this far west! Haha! There is actually a sign just outside our town that says "Where the West Begins"! I kid you not! :-)

  17. OMGosh....we soooooo need to get together! You, me and Betsy...Oy..Oy..Oy!!!!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  18. That linen and khaki vanity is wonderful. I sure would like to hear Betsy in person. I be she talks, just like she types.

  19. Your shop looks so great!! I love seeing it!!! I don't know how you have the time to paint so many pieces!! Hats off!! xo

  20. Leslie, I paint right in the middle of the store~this Chalk Paint™ has no smell or fumes so that is good, and then people come in and see a work in progress, much like a studio atmosphere. Then if it is slow with customers I can get back to painting...of course I want to paint all the time, but many times I force myself to do the bookkeeping part. Hope your studio/office is coming along!

  21. I love your newest creation, that won't last long! I like the pillows in the basket :) You are very lucky to have such a great friend in Betsy!!

  22. have transformed your shop into a magnificent place in just a very short amount of time..which says it was all meant to be!...People are drawn to your creativity and expertise. It's no wonder why Betsy is your friend and mentor..she obviously gravitates toward the best of the best!....

    Love that vanity!

  23. gotta love Betsy!!! your store looks divine!!

  24. If I lived there, the music chest and pretty mirror would be gone! Sounds like great fun with Betsy! I would like to invite her to my house!

  25. Everything looks wonderful, Amy!
    I am glad you are having fun with your shop.

  26. That lady's vanity is such a treasure. It'll sell before you want it to.

    Your shop is ever changing and such a treat to see.

  27. Hi Amy,
    I just found your blog...I don't know what took so long..LOL
    I enjoy Betsy's sense of humor and follow her blog, I love her style and her use of color and pattern. I posted a few questions for her q&a Tuesday coming up tomorrow. I can't wait to read what she has to say.
    I love your store and if ever I'm in your area you can bet I will be stopping by to see you.
    I am your newest follower.
    Have a sweet day,Elizabeth

  28. Hi Amy,
    So great you have Betsy as a friend and i love how you entice her to Maison Decor with products lol...
    Now wow don't you have some beautiful things in store,the mirror is beautiful and that music cabinet is going to be beautiful when it is painted up too.....i like the pillows in the basket it looks Frenchy xxx

  29. Hi Amy,
    So great you have Betsy as a friend and i love how you entice her to Maison Decor with products lol...
    Now wow don't you have some beautiful things in store,the mirror is beautiful and that music cabinet is going to be beautiful when it is painted up too.....i like the pillows in the basket it looks Frenchy xxx

  30. Hi Amy,

    I assume your are a professional interior designer regarding on how you set this up.I was just thinking if you could help me with my creativeness lol, I want to do this in one of my rooms as the paint job is terrible. I was like looking for some Painters in Mississauga. But after all the work involved? I think I'll pass

  31. Gorgeous mirror! And ummmm, Betsy looks right at home behind that counter! I'd love to be in there listening to you two, and watching ya'll move stuff around.


  32. Love all of this. I had a dream the other night that I had a store and was calling you and telling you that I was going to sell the paint. I think it's great that you can paint at the store. Otherwise it would get boring being there all day. Perfect to have your studio there.

  33. I so enjoyed visiting your lovely little shop last week Amy! I am so excited to try the chalk paint on my bedside table and am looking around my house to see what else I can paint...yes Betsy was correct :).

    Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor


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