Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bustling in Boston~Maison Decor updates

 Its been a very hectic week with the big push to get the 
shop ready for its opening this Saturday!
Yesterday the front doors got finished with a coat of
 Florence Chalk Paint® and some gilding~
Before we got to the front doors we were busy working all weekend
on the interior~Justin is painting the cabinets in Graphite Chalk Paint®.
I had the burlap stenciled and ready to make into a sink skirt to hide 
the open area under the butcher block countertop~
we had draperies to hang on the window near the sink area too.
Mr. Maison Decor brought in some furniture for us and took a look around~
 Justin and Colin got to painting the front doors~
I couldn't stand them a minute longer!
 We started working up wall displays too~
 Colin snapped my pic~pay back for all the ones I have been taking of him!!
 Popped a little vignette in the window~
Its tremendously exciting because there is such brand recognition around 
here in the city! People are barging in
 through the doors and we aren't even open!
Brothers were painting back to back~
The finished result~I love this look!
524 Harrison Avenue Boston
 Tons more to do~Betsy Speert is giving me a huge cabinet
 to stock all the paint cans in, and we
will get that this week...then she said she would come 
over and work her magic!! Yippee~I am stressed out
 and losing weight, but we are almost at the finish line....
oh and I still have to finish my business plan, but that 
should be done today.  And to all my Mora clock customers, 
they are on schedule, so do not worry about delays in your orders.



  1. I love the new door color you chose! I also love how you set-up a small display in the window to entice buyers. I have a feeling this store is going to ROCK!!

  2. amy, those front doors look like a billion bucks! the color is absolutely striking and so rich.

    sending you extra reserves of strength and joy to sustain you through this undertaking!



  3. Love the doors, Amy! Will you get to have a sign up here, too? The window display looks great and I love how you did that wall inside.

  4. Amy! It already looks so pretty in there! I love the gray walls and the way you are displaying stuff. Oh my gosh, it's to die for... I bet this is gonna be such a fun shop, with tons of traffic. And, ummmm, you need to take care of yourself, and carve out a little time for a massage or manicure, or some TLC! I must say, you look pretty though, a little weight loss feels kinda good, makes one feel lighter...


  5. Looks fantastic! I love the doors and I love how that dresser came out! All the displays look amazing. I know you're going to have so much success there.

    Danielle x

  6. Looking good, Amy. I love the color of the doors. That will certainly make people want to come in and look around. I don't know how you do it all.

  7. Everything looks wonderful, Amy! Congratulations on your new store!


  8. I truly admire your hard work and commitment!

  9. Fantastic!!! So excited for you...you go lady.

  10. It is going to be Amazing Amy! So excited for you!

    Lou Cinda

  11. Love the front door! I am so impressed, you are such a dynamo, a force to be reckoned with. I cannot wait to visit your STORES in person.......soo exciting! Congrats Amy, its so well deserved.

  12. doors look fab, so does the shop.

    keep up the good work. rock 'n roll!!!

  13. I can feel the excitement vibes all the way from here! I know you love a new project it will look wonderful once completed. That door is stunning well done Amy. Tracy

  14. Looking good--love the pic of your sons both painting the doors. :)

  15. I feel overwhelmed and it isn't even my life! :) Seriously, try to eat, ok?!

  16. So love the doors and the gold on them is fabulous! I can't wait to see the burlap skirting too! Have fun!

  17. Amy - so beautiful! Your Boston store looks fabulous. I will tell my friends in Boston about it.

    I finally have re-designed my blog and I have a new name - here's the link


    I have some tweaking and editing to do yet - migrating from blogger kind of messed up the paragraphs sometimes - but I wanted to ask you if you would look at it to suggest other improvements...readability etc.


  18. As always, it's gonna be gorgeous! Can't wait to see more.

  19. Your updates on the shops are so much fun to read -- love seeing your progress! Wish I could shop there in person! The front doors on the Boston shop are not only gorgeous, but eye-catching as well! Even though you are stressed, you (and the guys, too) look happy. So go celebrate with a milkshake to stop that weight loss (that we are all envious of!) And enjoy that Betsy Speert -- her blog is also a delight to read!


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