Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blue Opaline Karma

  How did I end up with two blue opaline chandeliers?
It was karma~
Do you believe in karma? 
I had been to Betsy Speert's house and she had this beautiful blue chandy
hanging in her dining room! I snapped this pic that day and then wrote about
it on the day I got a package in the mail and inside was a 
collection of blue opaline parts~enough to create the chandelier of my dreams!
 It came as a gift from "the other Betsy"~a blog reader who
 follows Maison Decor and we had become friendly through 
email as we shared many similar likes~she had TWO blue opaline chandies as well
as sconces that she was not using and she wanted to GIVE me the opaline parts!! 
Yes, Betsy gave them to me~she wrapped them all up and 
sent them to my house with a pretty Christmas card too.
 The next morning in my PJs I set to making my blue chandelier~
 It was so thrilling! I loved it!! I was beyond happy~
it felt like Santa Claus did exist in our grown up world afterall.....
and then a month or so later I got an email from someone looking 
to sell their antique blue opaline chandelier that was their mothers~
she had died and they were settling her estate.  Was I interested?  
Oh my!!  Of course I was interested~so I gave them
 my best offer and it was a sealed and signed deal!
 The chandelier arrived in a big brown box haphazardly packed....
They let their furniture movers pack this baby up!! Eee Gads! 
 I was hoping there was no breakage.  But there was~ 
one broken prism, and a cracked bobeche.  
 Still it was lighter than air and on a frame that looked like 
Cinderella's carriage. And not only did I 'buy the chandelier....
 Their mother had loved blue opaline too and had amassed a 
collection of glassware and other bits as well as a 
matching pair of sconces! Woo hoo!!
 It was the Blue Opaline Motherload! 
And it was all mine!!
 Mr. Maison Decor hung the chandy with care and his wife was in heaven~!
 Many photo ops ensued~I was totally digging the pale aquamarine glass.

 It looked good with white and it looked pretty with pink~
 My living room chandy now had a big sister~
and you could see them from one room looking into
 the next.  It is so pretty and I was feeling very 
grateful for how these two chandeliers came into my possession.
I would soon paint my Mora to match in pale blue~
 I bought aquamarine candlesticks to match~
 This was my idea of heaven.....
so when I got an email yesterday from a lady, 
asking me if she knew where she could get a prism 
as she had suffered a broken one~well I knew her pain.
 She got this antique blue opaline chandy in France 
and was told it was from the late 1800s.  
She had her electrician go to install it and he BROKE 
one of the prisms!!! ARGH!!!! They don't make 
these anymore...or at least if they do 
I haven't found a vendor...and they aren't 150 years old either.
 I asked her if she had the measurements and a photo...
so she sent me these.  Well the other Betsy had
 given me enough drops so that I had 3 extras. 
 I used one for my broken prism, 
and I had two spares left in my coveted stash.   
So as karma dictates one of my prisms from Betsy 
will go to Tricia now so her chandelier can be complete.
Don't you just love karma?



  1. "What goes around comes around" -- yes I believe in Karma. And many cheers to the original Betsy who was so overflowing with a kind heart that she was able to help two people!

  2. What a beautiful story of friendship and shared interest. Yes, I do believe that what goes around comes this world or the next.

    Looking forward to more of your adventures. Elizabeth

  3. Karma can be a good thing also!!! I love these Chandy's and their story, makes them even more special!

  4. Yes! That is a great story...


  5. love this post! such a pretty chandelier....really makes the room! hope you are doing well! xoox, tracie

  6. Yes, I believe in karma, but karma is good and bad!! Wishing for the good karma, myself! The chandeliers are stunning, love the blue opaline, so special aqnd they're so elegant and happy and young looking, as well. Great story to go with them! Big hugs,

  7. Sweet story - sweet chandeliers.
    God's blessing for sharing!

  8. That is such a nice story. I'm sure that lady is eternally grateful! It's so nice to see the beautiful pics of your house since it has been so long. Your Christmas decorations with the pretty greenery against the white and blue opaline glass is soooo pretty! Just like out of a magazine. Love your new chandy. It really does look like Cinderella's carriage! I will forever think of you if I ever run across blue opaline anything now!

  9. Those lights are so pretty. I actually never heard of blue opaline. Does it come in pink? I would love that in pink!! I guess there is always glass paint, does anyone know if it works well?

  10. Those Chandys are so pretty! So cool that you could help someone else with your stash.

  11. Wow, Amy. I think I am in love with blue opaline, too! Your chandy and sconces are so gorgeous.

  12. I had never seen opaline glass before your blog and I love it! I'm usually not into "fussy" feminist furnishings, but these light fixtures seem different somehow. Not too much, just enough. And kudos for sharing!

  13. How absolutely beautiful they are! And what a wonderful story. Yes, I believe in Karma. I believe Betsy will be rewarded for her kindness,and you will be rewarded for yours. And you might well never know how many lives are affected by your generosity.
    Many, many years ago, when I was very young, I was down on my luck, in a very tough spot, stranded on the highway in the middle of New Mexico with a broken down car. An older couple stopped to help me, saw to it that my car was towed, that I got help from Traveler's Aide, and as they were leaving, the man shook my hand and pressed a $20 bill into my hand. What a blessing! That was in 1968, and I have never forgotten. I have no idea how many people I have done a kindness for, and I have always told them "this gift is not from me, but from someone who helped me long ago". Who knows how many people those people have helped? And it goes on, a circle of caring. So yes, there is Karma. Pass it on!!

  14. I do love Karma, and totally believe in its power! I love your chandeliers--I can never see enough of them. Gorgeous!

  15. Absolutely beautiful story and chandys. Brought me to tears.

  16. Hi Amy! What a lovely story. And I even feel a bit like that little girl in the old commercial who said "and I helped" as I was the one that gave you the lead on your Creative Candles in aquamarine. I think it was the first email I sent you ... and now I consider you a friend.

  17. Love your blue opaline and this beautiful lesson of karma!

  18. How cool is that! I'll bet she's ecstatic to get that.

  19. I am green with envy, what stunning chaneliers they are, I think I'm in love. It was so kind of your friends to send and offer. Just darling

  20. I believe in Karma, I believe in "Paying it forward" b/c that's how the circle of (positive) Karma keeps moving, I believe that Blue Opaline is absolutely my FAVORITE glass, and I believe that someday,suuuuuumday, I'm gonna finally find my own Blue Opaline Chandie that I've been in search of for years!!! (It just doesn't seem like the West Coast, has the same extensive selection of historical treasures, that appear to magically materialize on the East Coast and in the South......Or maybe, Blue Opaline Karma just hasn't crossed my path, yet!)In any case, your story and your blue opaline treasures are indeed, glowing in an aura of kindness and friendship!!!

  21. Amy, these chandeliers are beautiful. Makes me want to go on the hunt! While this is about karma, it also spoke to me of friendship and thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing.

  22. You were definitely meant to have those gorgeous chandies - just so that you could pass on the beauty to someone else, Amy! Love that! And I adore your giving heart!

    That aqua blue is so utterly amazing. It reminds me of the Caribbean Sea..... :)

    xoxo laurie

    PS Oh...and when my husband finally gets around to hanging my chandeliers, how far from the ceiling do you hang one in a living room??? Or in an upstairs hallway?? (We have 10' ceilings.)

  23. Wonderful! But actually I love your whole living room. Amazing, beautiful!

  24. I totally believe in Karama! However I believe in paying it forward in kindness too ,and if we all were as selfless as this the world would be amazing!
    I miss having more to read by you weekly....but I know your busy! There are days when reading what you have done tires me! Lol Painted a large china hutch with ASCP and my my hard work! But worth it!
    Thank you for inspiring!!


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