Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our ten thousand dollar wall and Industrial Chic stock

 The ten thousand dollar wall~
That is what Picker Paul called it after he and Justin and I spent time
rearranging the store in Boston yesterday.
I didn't add it up, but I think he might be right!
I think it looks like a ten thousand dollar wall for sure~
we moved our beautiful antique Mora clock to the left 
and placed the Brittany armoire in the center and flanked it 
with the trendy wall banners that are affordable and fun works of art.
The newest addition to MD Boston is our 
gorgeous antique grain sack chair.
 We collaborated on our layout and got the store looking
quite marvelous~it had been getting all clustered up and claustrophobic
as it is so small, and when things sell and other things get pushed around
with out time to think~well it can feel uncomfortable.
So Justin and I planned to meet to merchandise the store
and we got Paul to join us to help with the moving of the large items.
 I snapped away while during some of our before moments...
Paul is holding our junky and dangerous 6 foot ladder...
 Here Justin risks life and limb to hang a wire chandy 
from an exposed pipe at ceiling height 
while Paul steadies the ladder and J.
 Another acrobatic moment~
he was way up there hanging a sign in the window~
 We want to hang this OPEN flag so walkers will notice our store~
waiting on landlord approval.  Since our store has closed doors we think
lots of people don't realize we are OPEN for business. 
With the cold weather coming this is going to be the 
way it is all the time~so we need that flag!
 So anyway, back to our inventory~the newest item is the chair that
 you might have seen on Betsy's blog. She did an amazing job~
the best ever! It is all redone and so elegantly too, 
I am proud to have it in the shop, and I think it might 
already be SOLD~I wish it could stay longer! 
And after all that hard work I doubt I will ever see another anytime soon.
 How about this French Market Basket? Its one of my favorite things!
Authentic and vintage and in excellent shape, you won't find one
on eBay~but you will at Maison Decor Boston!
 An incredible tool chest trunk will be making its way to Boston soon as well~
The interior has sliding storage compartments that used to hold a carpenters wares.
Now you can hide the cheetos and the remote in here if you use it as a coffee table.
 Today I scored a batch of industrial and rustic items~
so I have created a new category online for just those kinds of things...
One of the items was this 9' tall wooden ladder with the fat round rungs.
 We could have used it the day before when this kind of stuff was going on~
So here was the stash~I was invited to go through the 
basement of the old brick railhouse
restaurant across the street. 
The owner collects antiques and was letting a lot of his stuff go!

 Wonderful batch of crates~
 We will use them for Chalk Paint storage in Boston until they sell out~
 A commercial grade stainless steel pot rack that is just enormous!
 Old galvanized Beer Buckets~
I can see planting small Christmas trees in these babies.
 A great looking rustic bench, an old metal sign...they will head for the Boston store.
Paul was quite pleased about the collection! 
What a ham! 
Where is our HGTV film crew I ask???
I hope you can check out our Boston store at 524 Harrison Ave. 
This is an iPhone panorama shot.
 Its a tiny treasure packed shop~
so take your time and look around...
and if you don't see what you want, 
add it to our wish list.
We have fulfilled many wishes already!



  1. The shop looks great! I love that grain sack chair. The doors looks nice too...like the color and the painting of your name on the doors.

  2. That wall looks great, Amy! Hope you get permission to hang your flag. I can totally understand how you feel about wanting to let people know you are open.

  3. I really enjoy following the happenings of this shop you guys seem to have so much fun love all the industrial crates, ladders etc. and of course I die over seeiing the moira.

  4. I just love that store! Wish I could shop there in person. I'm going to have to check out your online shop since that is the only way I can shop with you at the moment.

  5. Been away from the blog reading for a while and trying to catch up!...Amy, you have so many wonderful things in your shop...love, love Betsy's chair and that market basket is fabulous...I really need to take a road trip up there!...

  6. Love the industrial pieces you picked up. The large pot rack is wonderful. I see that in my lodge I do not have.

  7. me too....loving the chair that is. the brittany chest looks marvelous in that spot. really shows it off.

    nice acrobatics. and without a net even.

  8. The shop is so enticing! That Moira clock is gorgeous, and i love that little market basket to absolute death. If i were in Boston i would be in your shop at least once a week!
    Now i'm off to Betsy's blog to read about that cool chair!


  9. I need to come to Boston and shop 'til I drop! Your store is so delightful. :D I think the wall looks like a million bucks!


  10. I love peeking into your stores, the panoramic picture is full of great stuff (I need). I love Betsy's chair, and would love to drive the 8 hours to buy it...if only.

  11. What really makes me giggle is that many of these "treasures" are what we used for everyday life at the ranch when I was little. Everyone had things like this and when they could get better, new things, the old stuff got thrown into junk piles and burn piles. My Dad always laughs when I tell him "Dad some of your junk fetches an enormous fee on the East coast!"

    I guess with the economy the way it is, people are choosing old stuff to decorate with and use on a daily basis rather than buy new things. And we rationalize it by saying it's "vintage chic". :-) Hey I think it's all great! We get what we like; store owners make money. Win-win! :-)

    Love the new displays you're doing. It's always more fun to shop in a store where you can clearly see the merchandise. (Even if I can only shop via pictures.)

  12. That last panorama shot is awesome! Everything looks really great Amy. I think the flag is a great idea. I know I hesitate sometimes when doors are closed (although i always end up trying the door just in case!)

  13. Your shop is looking Great, Amy. So happy for you that things are happening. It's good to hear the excitement in your posting.
    I am working on my china cabinet and attempting a bit of dry brushing. Moving on to the first wax coat. Excited to post pics. Did you see my last post of my old server? I am so happy with the way it turned out.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  14. It looks amazing Amy!! I am not surprised its a big hit!!

  15. Oh dear Amy, now I want, want, want! Your shop is so beautiful & full of unique and hard to find things. I want that French Market basket and the chair, the amoire, the pot rack, the crates...I thought we joined your site but if we didn't we will today. Looking forward to more. I hope God blesses you and you sell everything..fast. Finding more treasures must be wonderful.

    Will put your button on our site.

    Linda and Jeannie at the French Hen's Nest.

  16. Oh Amy! I am really happy for you! You have come a long way. Congratulations and may you be really successful with your new endeavor. Your shop is absolutely beautiful and I wish I could visit it someday.


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