Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins say Fall

 What is fall decorating without the pumpkin?
It's the must have accessory for welcoming the autumn season~
I spent a good part of the day outside yesterday
and it was a picture perfect fall day in New England.
The leaves are turning and some have fallen,
and many homes have fall decorations signaling the change.
 A simple grouping of pumpkins is the easiest way to decorate for fall.
 A more elaborate farm stand look can be achieved
 by loading up the pumpkins
and the potted mums. The front door is graced by 
dried corn stalks and wreaths.
 I found these images inside this issue of Cottages and Bungalows.
There are lots of great ideas for fall decor inside.
 Love this simple idea of using thumbtacks to create a monogram.
 A rustic table is set on this covered outdoor porch, 
complete with pumpkins. 
I joined the throngs at the supermarket this morning as a hurricane is headed 
our way~so while I waited in line, I looked through Cottages and Bungalows
and had to add it to my cart!  Today is my day off and I was looking forward to actually cooking a meal, after I replenished our empty shelves. I used to do this all the time, but these days those domestic moments are few and far between.  So even though there were crowds at the market, I really didn't mind. I hope the storm just blows on through without causing harm or damage.  
 And even though it was my day off, Boston was OPEN
 for business~soI stopped in the shop to check it out and 
say hi to Justin. We are turning over stock pretty quickly, 
and when larger items sell, the small store gets a new look!
The wall banners have been a big seller, 
both online and in the shop.  
As far as decorating with pumpkins goes~
we have a couple of small white ones in the shop.
A silver and gold leaf garland too~
 Our (orangeless) Maison Decor fall style.
Back at home we indulge in the traditional fall colors
of orange~it may not be my favorite color, but 
it feels right between summer and winter.



  1. Love the shot of your porch Amy it looks wonderful! i used to buy cottages and bungalows a while ago from a shop here in England that used to stock it,i like the ideas in this issue....I will hold a good thought for you and hope the storm passes quickly and with out damage x

  2. Hi Amy! I'm back from my break and glad to be reading your blog again. I need to catch up on your stores and stories. I'm with you- not a big orange fan EXCEPT at this time of year- Missed ya! xo Diana

  3. Oh...I hope the hurricane isn't bad. But I'm glad you'll be in your home cooking for Dave. I wondered if you decorated the stores for Halloween.

  4. Hey Amy, hope you don't get too much damage from the storm! Love all the fall decorating ideas, and i'm with you on the orangeless Halloween... i found one of those sparkly garlands too! Have a nice evening tucking yourselves in and cookin and chillin!


  5. It is nice to see you are doing well. I thought days off were for resting, though? LOL!

    The calming colors have another bonus...they don't show pet hair! Yippee!



  6. I love a good storm, but I am getting a little nervous...

  7. Amy...I thought of you as the storm was headed your way...I hope all is well with you..So glad to hear that you are forever "restocking" your beautiful furniture!


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