Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ghost mirror, faded roses, and lilac toile

 Sometimes working at the store is just like decorating
your house~you play around with vignettes until you like the look.
Yesterday I did a lot of that...I have no official store hours on 
Saturdays at Maison Decor Malden, but often I am there the entire
day working on custom projects or reorganizing the store.
 I loved this collection created by Rosemary at Villabarnes 
called Faded Roses, so I arranged to have them at Maison Decor.  
They are lovely old bottles
with a faint image of pink roses~aren't they pretty set 
up in front of my ghost mirror?  
This mirror is so old, 
the type with lots of mercury in the glass...
and it gives a ghostly effect!  
 I am creating a bedroom vignette in the front window~so I wallpapered
the area yesterday morning in a cream and taupe paper 
to create a pretty backdrop for my Annie Sloan Normandie Toile! 
This toile is a dusky lilac with brown and cream 
figures in a pastoral setting. 
 Normandie is one of eight exclusive fabrics in
 the Annie Sloan collection. 
Its available only through Annie Sloan Retailers~
I will be making up lots of yummy pillows 
and other home dec accessories. 
 Custom orders are available as well. 
 Of course I am selling my custom painted Mora clocks too~
currently doing my first RED mora clock!
Normandie Toile by Annie Sloan™~
this fabric comes in an amazing width
at 108" wide!! 
Most fabrics are 54" this is awesome 
for bedding and extra full panels!
An antique full size bed was just the right size to tuck into 
the window space.  I built a dummy bed out of wood to fit over
a radiator that sits in that area.  Now I have to get a dust ruffle and 
duvet and loads of lovely pillows to make it look like a real bed!
You can see my worktable covered in a drop cloth in the pic...
the whole store was upside down yesterday as I went from project to 
project! I think I had three items being painted, I was cutting wallpaper,
cutting rods for the panels, cleaning the vintage chandelier....
well you get the picture!
 During the middle of all of this one of my local repeat customers, Mike, walked by my store and rapped on the door to come soon as he spotted
the small Danish cabinet I was working on he was smitten.  I had just put one coat of Old White on it and was about to wallpaper the interior with the old floral wallpaper that was a gift from Krissie.  You can see how she wallpapered
her kitchen cabinet interiors! I thought it would be nice if papered this small cabinet and then it would find its way to live in a girls bedroom as a display for
her stuffed animals and dolls....but Mike wanted it for his kitchen cookbooks 
and other now I will paint the interior Duck Egg blue for him and 
the English wallpaper will wait for another project~
 Yesterday we sold a few pieces of furniture 
including this Poem dresser
in a dusky lilac color called Paloma. 
It is one of the Chalk Paint™ colors by Annie Sloan. 
 It would go nicely with the Normandie Toile~
its almost an exact match.  
This Graphite chest sold to the same couple
 that bought the Poem dressers. 
Justin and I get excited when our painted creations sell~
then we get a chance to display other things
 waiting in the wings for their turn to hit the main floor!
You should see what our storage rooms look like...
today I am not going to think about the stores at all.
I have to clean the house and plan a dinner party 
on Tuesday night~we are having my parents, my sister and Justin
and his girlfriend over and there are 
mountains to be moved around here.
Until then~



  1. Amy those sweet bottle Rosemary created look perfect there.But I bet they will not be there long.Can't wait to see that red clock!That fabric is beautiful! Your painted pieces are beautiful! Sounds like you are quite busy and that is a good thing!

  2. Amy, your bedroom vignette is absolutely gorgeous. Love the wallpaper with the toile. Thanks for the mention, btw. I'm just starting my day, and I'm exhausted already, just looking at all you do. lol Much continued success, my friend.

  3. Love how your store is looking with the new Annie Sloan fabric! Looking forward to seeing your projects using more of those patterns. I really like that dresser with the graphite paint. That's a great color!

  4. The pattern on that fabric is stunning, Amy! I love the drapes you made. Is there a fabric to go with each paint color then? I'm wondering what is the fabric for Duck Egg. How nice that you are carrying Rosemary's bottles!

  5. Love the faded roses bottles Amy,they are really beautiful as is your window display,the wallpaper looks fabulous and everything you have displayed so far sits really well together.
    The danish dresser is very sweet and i can see your vision with the wallpaper,there must be a oiece out there waiting for you to find x

  6. I love that that AS fabric is so wide--that is hard to find. I wonder if she will ever come out with her own bedding line or something?

    I love the effect of your ghost mirror--I have never heard of it referred to as that...I love it. I have a ghost mirror or two:)

    Rosemary's bottles look great in your shop. Her stuff is so beautiful. I just ordered some more plaster wings to tie on bottles. I love her stuff!

    Have fun getting ready for your dinner party--I am guessing your house gets a little neglected lately--because it seems you are never home! I don't know how you do it all:)

  7. I recognized Rosemary's bottles right away! They look lovely.

    I'm about to do a mini-dresser in Paloma, I'm excited to try this new colour!

    You're working hard and it shows. Your shops look great.

  8. Hi Amy,
    I don't know where to begin with the compliments~ I love everything! My favorite is that fabulous fabric, I want it!

    Everything that you've painted looks amazing and I'm so glad that you are selling like crazy.


  9. Ha! I bet that storage room would be fun to dig around in, even if it is a mess! The Normandy Toile is so so wonderful, and your painted pieces are really enticing and unique, no wonder they sold. I love how you do the script on some of them, and of course the Moira clocks are always to die for... You are one hard workin lady my friend!


  10. Its all soo pretty but that lilac toile is really something, and that dusty lilac color on the chest is so pretty and seeing this wonderful journey unfold for you Amy!

  11. It can get a little overwhelming at times... I know all too well... The Normandie Toile is gorgeous! Congrats on all your sales!

  12. All I have to say is wow. Your store looks fantastic. I love those lilac window panels they are just lovely. It's always a pleasure stopping by your blog to see what beautiful creations your creating, so inspiring:)

  13. LOVE the new fabric and can't believe it comes in a 108" width!!! Love that poem dresser that sold too!


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