Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Old World Patina finish

 Before showing the Old World finish,
check out this table done with some color washing.
 A small formerly brown coffee table sat and sat in my store.
A customer decided to buy it as long as I would paint it to go with his other things~
so I was up to the task.
I used Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
 in Old White with a wash 
of Duck Egg and Louis Blue in different areas.
 The other piece on the work bench is the
 Chippendale bench I had done in pastels~
it was time to rework it since it didn't sell.
 This got a wash of Duck Egg over the Old Ochre base~
 I wanted to use the Patina Gilding Paste over the carved areas.
 I also made a wash with King Gold gilding wax~
and combined together on top of the Duck Egg Chalk Paint
 it looked much like an antique from some French palace!~! Woohoo!
French Palace relic??
 Back in stock at the store and online
 is the popular Parisian Apartment clock~
 It also has the verdis-gris look much like the settee.
 We were so pleased to meet Justin's new GF last night~Madison!
She is very lovely and we had a great time together over dinner.
I know you guys haven't seen much of my house lately~so here we 
are in my kitchen (the one with the Chalk Paint on the cabinets)!!
Life goes on, with or without a store to run...and that includes having 
small dinner parties and trying to clean and cook.



  1. Love the neon milk paint Amy it looks beautiful and so chippy!
    I think it is really great that you can paint furniture to order especially to match with previous buys and the Chippendale looks fabulous with it's new paint job.
    I adore the Paris clock the colour is perfect and Madison and Justin make a beautiful couple x

  2. Mixing that milk paint looks like so much fun! Love the chippy look it gave. What fun! Your sons girlfriend is a doll--and your kitchen looks fantastic. As busy as you are I think I would go for catering :)

  3. I love the new color you made using different shades of milkpaint. I never even thought of that! The chippendale chairs you painted look amazing! I love that look so much more than the brown wood! And I just have to say.......your son is such a hottie! So good looking. It's no wonder he has a cute girlfriend. He has the dreamiest eyes I've ever seen! I'm sure the ladies like coming in his store for more than just the goods for sale. ha!!

  4. I can't wait to try that paint! I am going to experiment with mixing the colors too!
    I can't imagine how busy you are with two shops! I just have a space in an antique mall and it is keeping me busy.With my blog,house and home projects too! Busy,busy,busy!

  5. I am finding I really like the chalk paint better. The milk paint is , probably fine if you like a rustic/old look.
    But you especially, do magical work with the chalk paint.

  6. Amy I too am liking the more refined look you are using with the ASCP. The pieces truly look like French Antiques,

    2012 Artists Series

  7. You are turning into a world class furniture that Chippendale bench and chair...holy smokes, so gorgeous!! Love seeing all these creations you are coming up with....AMAZING!

  8. I know after weeks of working for my business it almost seems surreal to have time to entertain my adult children but I sure enjoy it, I bet you had fun meeting his new girlfriend and having company! Love the chalkpaint mix color, my only problem would be how much to mix up.....I know after I use it for awhile I will be able to gauge that better, I mixed Flow blue whit white to get almost a louis blue color for a large wood door and ran out and hope I can recreate mix for top corner! Love to see all that you are doing!!

  9. Hi Amy,
    You have become such an Artist with your painting. I wish I lived closer, I would love to take a class from you and learn some of your techniques. Maybe in the future you could do some videos, or have some online classes that you charge for those of us that are too far away to take a class from you. I know I would sign up and pay for it. Just a thought as I know you are already very busy.

  10. Hi Amy,

    Are you planning to put a tutorial on your blog about how to do a "wash" over chalk paint? I don't remember seeing one. As to the milk paint, I can't see painting something and having it look worn out! It's like buying blue jeans with holes in them. I'm probably the only one who does not get it...



  11. Hello Amy
    The Pink is a great new colour but I sure love the Duck Egg!!! Your son and his girlfriend make such a nice looking couple! I sure wish I lived closer to your stores! Take care.


  12. Want to purchase the Parisian Apartment Clock but looks like it is sold out. Are you getting more? Taking an Annie Sloan Painting Class 10/29 - very excited. Terry @

  13. Oh those sweet colors are just beautiful, Amy! Your talent just continues to shine through every project you work on!

    How did you thin down the gilding wax??

    Sweet photo of the three of you, too!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Amy~ I need more info on your gilding wax wash. Looks GREAT!

  15. Hi Amy!
    I've got the guilding wax, but can't find info on how to use it. (I'm also not very computer-savy!)The idea of making a "wash" sounds awesome! Can you please give an online lesson on how to use the guilding wax and how to make a wash? It would be GREATLY appreciated......THANK YOU!

  16. Finally, someone whose kitchen counters resemble mine. Full of things that are loved or used often, instead of the spartan sterile empty spaces that make me wonder where people stash the toaster, cannisters, cutting boards, utensils jars beside the stove, rack of trays (I Love love love to use trays), the coffee maker, tea kettle, water filter, fruit basket, restaurant size aluminum foil box, the salt, pepper. olive oil, jars of pasta....etc. You get the idea. Where do people with immaculately clean and neat empty counters stash all the items that are used in the kitchen? Thank you for not having a perfectly staged room. It looks lived in. Terrific. (Though Jason looks quite perfect to this great grandma. Here's hoping Madison is a keeper! LOL )

  17. Amy you are always so busy painting things you love. The milk paint looks like such fun you achieved a great finish. Glad you managed to have some family time. Btw I love the chalk paint kitchen cabinets. Tracy

  18. I don't know how in the world you decide on any one paint finish, there are soooo many choices and options. I really like the way the gilding adds an extra dimension to the pieces you've done too. Your son is so handsome, and it's fun to see you at your pretty house again!



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