Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shabby Chic Chateau Armoire

 Source unknown
This image is all over the internet~I have always loved it
and the elements in it give the room its style.
Imagine the room without the armoire wouldn't
be the same.  Some things make a statement, and I have
just added a piece to my shop that fits in that category!
 Chateau Armoire, custom made and done a limed pecky cypress finish.
It towers above the armoire next to it~at 7 1/2 feet tall its quite the beast!
Did you ever wonder how these things end up in shops....take a peek.
 I had to hire a couple of extra guys just to off load it 
from the truck to the shop.  Justin, on the right, came out to 
the Malden shop to help me get this piece in. 
They all listen as Picker Paul gives out instructions
to how they are going to move this massive 350 pound piece. 
 Paul is at the far end while the three guys handle 
the base and slowly slide it off the truck.
 It gets into a standing position and then they have to hustle it into the shop~
Paul is barking out the orders and all seems to be going smoothly.
(Insert grunting noises here)
 Once in the shop some adjustments are made and voila~
 Paul stands next to the piece to try to show the scale of it~he is 6'3.
Paul went to the auction and he tried to tell me this might not be the piece to get
due to its massive size~and the potential damage to his back!  But I am in love
with anything French or Gustavian in nature and this piece just had to come to Maison Decor!  It was custom made and is the highest quality.  Its in excellent
shape and ready to transform a room with it's elegant French country style.
Here you can see the limed wood with the pecky look~yummy!

Come on down and take a look before its gone~!


  1. WOW Amy that piece is GORGEOUS!! That window shot is so pretty!

  2. Great piece Amy! I appreciate how hard that is to move--my husband always hates it when I have really heavy pieces. :) That one is HUGE!

  3. Hi Amy! Oh, it's a gorgeous piece and I do wish I could pop over!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Great piece, Amy! I think you should get Paul one of those back braces for moving for Christmas! : ) Love the legs and the detailing on this.

  5. it's awesome, amy. what a find!

    hope you'll visit soon.


  6. It's wonderful! And it looks so pretty through the window with your shop name and that darlin little chandy...


  7. I can't imagine that it will be there long, it's amazing!!

  8. Amy this is beautiful cant wait to see what happens when Amy gets her painting hands on. Tracy x

  9. Shes a beauty and I know you have grand plans for her. Love the beautiful signage on your window..stunning!!

  10. Too bad we don't live nearby. My boys and Shawn are pros...we'd unload 15-20 armoires and china cabinets this same size, and larger even. No one ever thinks about it, but there's some skill required to move pieces that big around...without tearing them up that is!

    I bet it goes fast!


  11. wow, that's grand. sure not to last long!

  12. Your armoire is truly gorgeous and heavy :) And I love the photo of the 'chateau' you posted. What a fun place to live. Thanks for sharing!! N.

  13. SIGH..........

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  14. That is such a beautiful piece...
    and that first image,
    I just love seeing it
    over and over again.

  15. This is indeed a beauty -- and if I were closer I would take it off your hands! I love the details and the finish.

  16. That is beautiful. I'm sure it won't be there very long. Good choice.


  17. yay! paul's smiling face finally made it in from the depth's of the moving truck. :)

  18. Beautiful piece. Too bad your guys don't have a moving dolly! Geesh that's a lot of weight to actually carry! Moving this would not be too unlike moving a grand piano...I know :-)

  19. That piece is EXACTLY what I've been searching for to put in my office, Amy! How beautiful! Wish I lived closer!! :)

    xoxo laurie


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