Monday, November 19, 2012

A quick sketch in the WORKBOOK and store holiday hours

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Thursday CLOSED
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Sat Sun 11-4
I love to sketch~
its often what I do while visualizing something
in my mind's eye~and so when Annie Sloan came out with her latest
book which is a colour and paint idea and inspiration 
I was like a little kid waiting for it~so excited to see what it would
look like and feel like and I couldn't wait to start using it!
Well I just got my first shipment of WORKBOOKs and 
I just couldn't resist putting down a little sketch~
 I am going to whip up a little flirty chair slip for this 
old country chair.
The sketch shows just how it will look~
little ties on the back and a ruffled skirt about 3" long.
 I stapled a swatch of the fabric to the facing page 
and wrote down the pattern repeats
along with the name of the fabric: 
Charcoal Pastorale Toile by Annie Sloan
 You don't have to be an artist with this private sketch book~ 
its a safe place to gather your decorating thoughts.
  I will be adding lots of other swatches and paint smears 
and ribbons and wallpapers to this wonderful book that is so ME!! 
And your WORKBOOK will be sooooo YOU!
Cut out images from home dec mags and staple them in the pages~
or pretty labels and tags or photographs that inspire.
Its that kind of book!! 
You can only get this at your Annie Sloan stockist~not anywhere else.
She made this just for us to bring to you! I think that's pretty cool too.
Of course you can buy it from my online store by clicking here
For Annie fans that already have your orders in I will be shipping it ASAP.
I bet you will be as excited to get it as I was~
Finally I will have a place to keep all my sketches from here on in~
like this one I did of my mother in law's chicken coop!
And this one I did of a ruffled curtain I was conjuring up~
I sketched this last spring...right before I met Annie Sloan
and she changed my life...I was planning to make long black and white
panels for the exterior of the I drew a sketch.
But then I met Annie and got a store...and now all that black and white Subrella
is hanging in the windows at Maison Decor at 524 Harrison Ave Boston.
Just shows you how you can use this book to conceptualize stuff
that you might want to do...whether it happens or not~ha.
Yeah this is one cool book.
Thanks Annie Sloan. 



  1. Is there nothing you cannot do? I cannot wait to see the finished chair!
    That chicken coop is nicer than some of the apartments I lived in! Woweee!
    Have a lovely, restful holiday, my friend!



  2. Oh, Amy! You are a talented one for sure!!! I love your sketches! No wonder you are so creative! I hope you show the chair when it has it's flirty skirt and new paint!

  3. What a great little sketchbook and you did a great job with it. Can't wait to see your chair all done. Happy Thanksgiving, Amy. Don't kill yourself by overworking! xo Diana

  4. I love idea books like that. I tried to find one once, and ended up using a little pad... It's so fun to save scraps of colors and paint chips, and yours is so cute with your completely charming sketches! And, is that a black and white stripe fabric???! I was just thinking of looking for some fabric with big black and white stripes!


  5. Amy the talent just keeps on! You are soo good and I love the idea of keeping your sketches in a book so that way whatevers on your mind, you can sketch away:)
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful Thanksgiving..stores looking fabulous!


  6. This looks amazing...and you are a talented artist I see.... Love the fabric you picked out for the chairs ...and hey I TOO love Anne Sloan Paint... YOUR place looks aaaaaaah mazing !!!!!!!...

  7. Hoping to get as comfy with the workbook as you are AMY - but from a non sketcher-type point of view. Lovely Post.

  8.'ve just impressed me once again, Amy! Wow! I can totally see your sketches as a line of... "Maison Decor Greeting Cards"....???? Yep. Totally.

    xoxo laurie

  9. “ Happy Thanksgiving “ My dear friend to you and your family..Many Blessings..Hugs and love Gloria

  10. are one great talented artist...I so love your whimsical drawings!!...
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. I remember getting so excited with you over this book at the workshop! Happy it's here. Love your sketches. Tried texting you twice last week (just to say hi) but got an error send message. Do you have new digits?

  12. I remember getting so excited with you over this book at the workshop! Happy it's here. Love your sketches. Tried texting you twice last week (just to say hi) but got an error send message. Do you have new digits?


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