Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An Average Day at Maison Decor

 There is no way to know what a day will hold for me
 when I walk through the shop door~
and yesterday was the perfect example....I was in the back room
 trying to get at some bills and some shipping orders from the online shop
 and answering emails when a customer walked in~she had a snazzy hat 
on and a pink tweed coat and had an arsenal of samples.  
The beautiful wallpaper was hers~and I loved it as soon as  I saw it! 
It was a water colory classical floral on a 
pale aqua background with all of my favorite pastels.  
 Sandra and I got along famously as we seemed to share a love 
of the same stuff~she found me through a round about 
way via the web~she wasn't an Annie Sloan shopper...
she was a Shabby Frenchy kind of girl who was enamored 
of my little a matter of fact I had seen her with her nose pressed 
to the windows the day before when we were closed,
 but I was in such a rush to get into Boston with a shipment on my day 
off that when I went out to see if she wanted to come in for a peek she was gone~
 Sandra liked the pretty handpainted antique bed~
She seemed enamored of the latest piece I had finished too.
After some brainstorming and color talk, sharing mutual favorite websites
she vanished like Cinderella with a promise to be in touch.
 Today she called and after taking the time to digest 
all things Maison Decor she put in her order.
1. French Blue Sideboard with the Mirror that was hung above it~
And one French Gilded sofa in Antoinette~! 
Yes I had finally decided to part with my signature sofa
as it takes up precious store space....
so you won't be seeing this much longer.

 It was a pretty addition that set the tone, 
but I must use the space for more function than just form...
Hey~this pretty little came from Costco in a red plastic bucket.
I used spray on adhesive and wrapped a French script fabric scrap around it
and voila~instant french rustic chic~!

 Hey, this is another very cool trick for at home 
or if you have a you want a great little sound system? 
Plop your iPhone with Pandora playing into a
 metal paint bucket like this from Lowes.
You will be amazed at how marvelous the music sounds!~!!! 
Its fantastic! Try it!
 I am all jacked up about the new Annie Sloan WORKBOOK. 
Its just very cool~so I have a dedicated area to create with it 
and inspire my shoppers when they pop in. 
This neat little cabinet is done in Antoinette and Graphite
and I drew an inspiration sketch for the design in the WORKBOOK~
 I am also getting ready for 
back to back Sunday  Workshops! 
This coming Sunday is my Fifty Shades of Gray 
with one opening left.  All of my workshops have been sellouts 
as soon as they get posted so if you are considering taking a class, 
sign up promptly! I am sold out for December and January and 
will be scheduling February in December.  
Note: I had one spot open up today for my Dec 9th INTRO class~
signup online or call the shop to book it!!
I did just list a WORKBOOK workshop which 
is a two hour class for $85 which includes the WORKBOOK. 
 You can see more details at the online shop 
and click on Instruction/Workshops.
 I will be getting out 4 custom painted Mora clocks 
within the next week too~these are 
big sellers in my shop and make wonderful gifts.  
They are online too~
 Also a photo shoot around this French bed 
I bought this summer at Brimfield is happening
soon featuring Annie Sloan's fabrics~
then headed into Romantic Homes magazine!!
 A new addition to our extended family is this little charmer~Sylvia!  
Justin got a new dog with his GF Madison~she is a Schnoodle 
(mix of Poodle and Schnauser) and Justin said she is like
 having a real live Teddy Bear~! I can't wait to meet her!!
 Of course there is always the painting that is going on at Maison Decor~
both in Boston and Malden.  Justin and I take on custom work
 and we paint pieces for the shop~he has a talent that
 I intend to share further on this blog...he's not just a shopkeeper!! 
 Setting the scene for the Fifty Shades of Grey~
if this class is a hit it will be offered again in February.
Do you want to learn about color mixing and 
extending the range of colors to give yourself oodles of options?
Do you want to incorporate cool finishes with metallics and pearl? 
 Then this is the class for you!
I'll be in the thick of the paint this Sunday with my students~
helping them create their  next masterpiece!


  1. you have so many lovely things in your shop. I wish I lived closer. That Fifty Shades of Gray class sounds so benefical for people who paint a lot of stuff. You've inspired me to take a local class after the holidays. Thanks for keeping up the blog despite all your work in the shops, which must keep you super busy.

  2. Oh wow Sandra has really great taste, i love the pieces she chose and it sounds like you both had a fun time!
    I am going to have to try the bucket and ipod thing now ;)
    Must be fabulous to take one of your classes Amy you are so talented and have such a great range of techniques and design xxx

  3. Amy Your shop is doing so well! The hat lady order was great and the Mora clocks! Wow!

    I wish I lived closer so I could take a class with you!

    2012 Artists Series & Giveaway

  4. Love all the items in your shop! Sylvia is adorable!

  5. WOW! That was alot! Your sofa!!! and... that's possibly the cutest dog every born, oh my goodness gracious. And, was that the sideboard you were thinking of taking home!? And it was soooo clever of you to wrap the fabric around the ugly bucket and make the little Christmas tree look like a million bucks! What a cool trick with the iphone and Pandora, i'm so gonna try that! Your photo set up for the 50 shades of gray looks like a magazine photo!


  6. So much beauty......always love seeing whats going on over there!!
    Sandra has fabulous taste..and that bed, oh my!!

  7. So cool to turn customers into friendships.I am sure she will be back with more friends too! What pretty wall paper!Well that sweet sofa is going to a great home and if you visit her you will see it there! Wish I lived closer! What great classes! Wish there was a way to do that online.

  8. Hi Amy,
    You are having so much fun and I'm so happy for you. I love it when customers know exactly what they want.
    I'd love to live near your shop and be able to take one of your classes. Your painting techniques are wonderful.


  9. Amy- I am so happy to see you busy and successful in your business. How wonderful that a new customer found you -and you know that new customer will bring you another and another-right on down the line.

    Everything is looking gorgeous as always but you may just shed one little tear as your sofa leaves the store.

    Great idea about the music. xo Diana

  10. Way to go making the sale, cute puppy hope we get to see more of her. I believe you are a natural at this store business ;)

  11. I so wished I lived by your store, So many beautiful things.

  12. I wish I lived nearby as well! Seriously hoping DH needs to travel there on business and I will tag along!!

  13. I think all of us want to pack our bags and move closer to you, Amy! Either that or you need to start opening more shops around the U.S.! lol!

    I'm just ooohing and ahhhing over Sylvie!!! What a DOLL!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Love your shop and your ideas... I love it allllllllllllllll ... when i get to that town.. I will be finding your shop !!! One word to describe it all ...... Fabulous !!!!

  15. Amy ~ love all of your exquisite treasures! Everything looks so beautiful and I'm so happy that things are going so well for you. I hate to admit it very favorite picture in this post is adorable Miss Sylvia! LOVE her! xo

  16. gosh...what a cute puppy! So happy you have a new family member...he looks like a doll or rather a teddy. Yes, we need to see some of Justin's talents.

  17. Nice post Amy, I love the Christmas tree idea.

  18. Wow, your shop has really come along! I haven't visited since you opened. Love the bed! Love the sideboard she bought! Love that black and mauve cabinet!! Really wonderful stuff!

  19. I wish I could see your client's home with your pieces in it!
    Is that a table with the stencil toward the end of your post? I love it!




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