Friday, November 23, 2012

Grey Painted Furniture, the WORKBOOK and My Dining Room Returns!

 Colin is painting a sideboard in a custom french grey color mix~
I added two colors together and he got to the painting~
Its coming along nicely~
This piece was really a great looking piece that I got at auction. It is extra long
and isn't terribly old~maybe 30 years....its solid cherry and normally I might have thought twice
about painting it but it had a deep scratch along the top. So after a bit of Elmers Wood Filler it was ready 
for a pretty paint job.  Stay tuned for the final results...but lets just say I am loving it so much I am tempted to take it home with me and switch out my great looking bombe chest~let me know what you think.
My dining room, taken as I was setting the table yesterday.
That bombe chest at the end is just where I am considering 
doing the switcheroo with this piece. All opinions are welcome!
There is not a lot of room between the chest and the head chair
so I was thinking the narrow sideboard might be a better fit.

So if I was going to switch I want it to be the right color~and to get to the color that I wanted, 
I used Annie Sloan's WORKBOOK to do help me out.
  I love this image from a magazine showing rustic frenchy blue doors~
this color is kind of what I had in mind...and Paris Grey is not quite right. 
So I mixed up some Louis Blue and Paris Grey and recorded it into my WORKBOOK
so I will never forget it and have a pretty record of the whole process~
whether I keep the piece or not~I do LOVE this custom color.
(Inside look at a press release from the WORKBOOK~)

You can buy this WORKBOOK only at Annie Sloan retail outlets 
as well as my online store by clicking here.
I am excited to offer a WORKBOOK session class
that will be on a Saturday for 2 hours and you can read more about that 
class by clicking here.  The WORKBOOK will be included in the class!
This is a page in my WORKBOOK  I dedicated to the lovely
 purpley greys~ and that wonderful Normandie Toile....
yummmm....but back to the painting!!
Look at this marble topped table with the standard cream and gold
paint job from the 70s....argh! I had a vision for this piece,
well I actually have a pair and am painting them up in a dark grey
and will list them for sale when I am done!

 Basically I started with French Linen all over~two coats.....
followed by a Graphite wash.
See how dark it looks when I am actually applying it?
But see how light it is when I rag it off? 
You won't believe how fantastic it looks~
I will post the finished pieces in a few days...
but right now there is so much to do, 
and I got to back to it!!
PS Fifty Shades of Grey class 
is this Sunday Dec 2 from 10-2
I have 2 spots left~so if you want to join us with color mixing
and using metallics and cover the bases with all things GREY
call the shop to sign up!



  1. Well, I do love the chest you have in your dining room now, Amy, but if the sideboard fits better, I guess it is logical to switch them. Love those little end tables!

  2. The graphite wash is a GREAT idea!

  3. Amy, what a great post. Lots of information and ideas! I need to get my hands on an AS Workbook!!!
    Your transformations are magical!

  4. I got the workbook from Janet's shop today, so excited! I vote that you keep the Cherry sideboard, I love it's lines, and cannot wait to see how it turns out. :) donna

  5. Amy your dining room is beautiful as is! But I do think that sideboard would be so pretty! If you don't need the extra seating I say add that sideboard! Love that painting technique too!That marble top is gorgeous!

  6. Both pieces seem just right. I love the bombe chest, but spatial issues can be frustating and the sideboard would probably solve the problem. Great dining room!

  7. I think the new piece would look great in your dining room, especially if it will give the head chair a little more room. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  8. Hi Amy,

    I would probably switch it out, the chunky piece you have there now is awesome but, a slim, sleek piece would be a nice change for you! And for us "furniture addicts" a new piece of furniture is a definite high! Go for it!


  9. the grey and the marble is dabombdiggity, amy.

    what fun it must be to share your talents and inspire others at the workshops!

    smiles to you.


  10. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving, Amy!

    I'm pretty sure that those rustic blue doors are from Sela Ward's home. Gorgeous!!

    I love Paloma. I must try it with Emile.


  11. Oh my gosh! I love your workbook! It looks so beautiful. Would you believe I have the same marble topped table? I bought a set of 2 at a garage sale 20 years ago. I painted mine a creamy white, but I love what you have done with the grey tones. It accentuates the beauty of the marble.

  12. I think the sideboard would look great in your dining room!!...Love the table with the graphite wash...truly beautiful...Have a wonderful week of creations Amy!

  13. Really like the way the gray transforms the pieces. I love your Thanksgiving table, its beautiful.

  14. I, too, love the chest that you currently have in your gorgeous dining room, but, the sideboard would be a fabulous addition! I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Gorgeous Amy!! So happy you had a great Thanksgiving. I love the way your dining room came inviting! I love all this gray...and you know I SO wish I could attend your workshop. One day for sure!!

  16. I love the sideboard you are (Colin) is working on, I can't wait to see the end result. Happy to be a follower.

  17. WOW so amazing!!! I would love if you link one or more of your post on the French party on Monday!


  18. I'd be trading for the sideboard in a heartbeat. Nothing like a change to freshen up and maybe more storage? Go for it. The blue color will be gorgeous in your dining room. Happy week

  19. That was all so interesting! I love the workbooks, they look fun... and your page with the purples is so yummy, oh my. I'm really lusting those colors! Hmmmmmmmm... i like the fat bombe chest, it's unique, and it kinda matches the shape of the mirror, but i see what you mean about the space issue. I'll be curious to see what you decide!


  20. I like them both Amy! have you decided to keep or change?
    So nice to see Colin smiling away with a paintbrush,bless him!
    The marble topped table is looking amazing,i need to get Graphite xxx


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