Saturday, November 17, 2012

Highlights of my week!

My biggest highlight was meeting blog GF Tina last Friday!
This snapshot was taken by Tina of Enchanted Home blog.
You have to see her visit to my shop through her eyes by visiting her blog
where she is featuring **our little shop** today!
 I will have a link at the end of 
this post~don't miss it!
 She is going to show you her Maison Decor treasures
and the gift I gave her as well~
 Highlights of this week include some sales~I
 always love it when a piece I just finished sells!
This baby is now SOLD and will be heading off to Florida~!!
Along with this antique grainsack chair 
that was completely redone to perfection~
 And this Rococo style mirror too~as well as a Mora clock!
 All off to sunny Florida! 
 My workshops have been selling like hotcakes~
December and January Intro Annie classes are SOLD out 
so I added another Introductory class 
(I call it the EVERYTHING class) on January 6th.
Upon request we added Gift Certificates too~
I will be making these available in the online store too.
For now you can order them by calling me at the shop.
I really do get excited about the new products 
I am finding like the Pearl Plaster that I used on the Duncan Lyre table. 
 My first shipment arrived from Artisan Enhancements and I am 
only one of a handful of retail locations in the country that
 you can get it from!! 
Check out my online store if you want to order
 it that way or pop in to Malden and get it there too.
 As I create finishes with these products I will be blogging about it for sure!
 Pearle Plaster give an opulent look to your pieces with the touch of brush~
 Its thick and velvety and shimmery!
I will be playing with my paints and metallics in the workshop in Malden~
you might catch me in the act!
Its been a great week so far and tomorrow I am running the 
Boston shop as Justin is out of town.
Hope to see you or hear from you if you can make
 it in to either of my stores~
we picked up some exciting new pieces, a sideboard, 
a cottage dresser with mirror, some antique billiards balls, 
old Champagne bottles that I will be keeping for props, 
a beautiful library wall lamp, and a funky cabinet that is going 
to be a dream to paint~so thats it from Boston 
for now~I hope you also had a great week!
To read The Enchanted Home and see what Tina bought click here~
To visit my online shop, click here~

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