Friday, December 11, 2015

A Nordic Blue Christmas Tablescape

Its a special treat to be part of this Designer Holiday Table Setting Tour
Sumptuous Tablescapes
A group of us are offering up our inspirational ideas for
holiday dining at home.  I can't wait to see what my talented friends 
have in store for us all.  My table setting inspiration is this~
That idea conjures up icy blues in a wintery mix.
It's fun to come up with a theme when throwing a holiday party
as it gives you a sense of direction when decorating the table.
I love using gold for special occasions and to play down its fanciness
I set the table using a mix of different desert plates at each setting.
An animal hide remnant serves as a runner and created a nice place to lay
a glass garland down the center of the table.
Gold rimmed plates and glassware are all vintage.
The brass cutlery was a gift from my parents and its a huge service
for 12 with everything you can imagine.  My mother bought it when we
lived in Thailand and I polished it many many times when my parents were
planning a dinner party.  I grew up in a house of entertaining and setting
 the table was always a big deal as was planning the menu.  
 In another Nordic style moment, a sheepskin decks out the host's chair.
For a simple holiday mood I used greenery and white lights as the backdrop
around our new french doors.  My french cane back chairs have been painted 
with Matthew Mead Studio Metallics in silver.  Mixing up the metallics of 
gold and silver also create a more relaxed yet upscale table, perfect for a fun
dinner party with family or friends.  
Our stately antique mora clock has quintessential Nordic style.  
Old gilded reindeer, also from my childhood spent overseas,  these nordic style charmers
 have little colored mirrors embedded in their craved gilded frames.  
They graced many a Christmas mantle over my childhood years,
 and I love to use them on my table tops for a whimsical holiday feel.
The biggest design element is just using a lot of white with blue glass balls.
Just a few of these glass ornaments in shades of icy blues pair up with european style 
glass garlands to finish the tablescape design.  I am all for using what I have
 and coming up with different ways to display them.  I hope this gives you a few ideas for your holiday dinner table.  Think of how different it would look with red or pink glass balls instead? 
 So easy to change the mood of the table, as long as you keep your main pieces
 in basics of white with metallics in gold, silver or both. 
Now head over and see what my design blogger friends have up their sleeves for their
ideas of sumptuous tablescapes and get loads of holiday inspiration!  

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