Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lakeview Breakfast for the 4th of July

Join me for blueberries and bagles on the deck at the lakehouse.
Its the fourth of July week!
Its a sunny morning and I have a lot of shadows on my breakfast table.
I set the table with my nana's tablecloth from Ireland.
Purple and pink teacups and a lacey purple teapot.
Scattered lavendar rose petals dropped by a breeze.
Lady X rose gets an invitation to the table.
The lake sparkles in the morning sun.
Square plates with a deep hyacyinth pattern
hold court with a small bowl of berries.
These plates came from a local consignment shop.
Love love love purple..
Purple beaded napkin rings, purple plates,
 purple teapot and teacups
and a purple rose!
Galvanized planters give my table
the rustic country touch I love.
Happy Birthday America!
The greatest country in the world


  1. How beautiful this is and so serene! The lake is quiet and peaceful...I want nothing more than each morning to sit on my porch and stare at the calm waters!! Love your very sweet table and think I would camp there all weekend! Okay, some things I am loving about your the paint favs...I can not pick paint, so will have to check out your list! Love your report card..made me laugh (as if I have any room to taking my first sewing lesson at 40! It IS hard!) Lastly, all your great ideas are inspiring to this wannabe decorator! Since you have the drawing of the shed, come check out mine at My children and I have so much fun in it and it is a space I can do whatever I want! Thanks!

  2. I spot very unique teapot of yours! love the colours.. and your table setting just lovely!

  3. What a great place to have breakfast...just beautiful! Especially that tablecloth. *sigh*
    How I love those tablecloths. I am always looking for them but seldom see anything half as pretty!

  4. I adore that teapot!!! It is just stunning. Please stop by for a visit...

  5. Beautiful place to enjoy your meals. I love the teapot too!


  6. What a beautiful setting! I love all the shades of purple and blue you've incorporated. What a gorgeous tablecloth -- a family treasure!

  7. What a beautiful place to enjoy breakfast. I love that teapost. Your tablecloth is so unique. Happy 4th!

  8. What a lovely table you've set! I couldn't find your email address. But wanted to tell you that you've been featured at my blog for Welcome Wagon Friday.
    Brenda @

  9. Popped over from Brenda's, Amy!!

    Love love the table setting. The lavender colors are so pretty as well as the vintage tablecloth. Very inviting.

    Have a happy holiday weekend! :-)


  10. a divinely beautiful way to start the day!

  11. Stopping by from the welcome wagon! Love your blog!

  12. Beautiful table, the hyacinth plates are gorgeous, Amy...I also used purples this week.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Amy, your tablescape is so lovely. What a great selection of charming china. This teapot and all the cups and the square plates, everything is pretty. Love the rose petals on the linnen. Really a cute blueberry breakfast. Have a nice 4th of July.
    Greetings, Johanna


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