Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you ready for fall?

Its officially fall. 
The summer is over and the wreaths will
 be changed out for starters.
I always start my decorating with my front door, do you?
I layered two wreaths together, the first one is a twig wreath that
 hung here in the summer with a floral wreath ring layered on top. 
I kept the twig wreath and then added a faux bittersweet wreath
A length of sheer rust and orange plaid 
wired ribbon was knotted into a bow.
 A few fall leaves with gold glitter were
 tucked in between the wreath's branches.

I like the wildness of the twig wreath
 with the branches sticking out in a spiral.
I popped a few fall colored leaf sprays
 with berries into the black urns.
I prefer a few touches of fall color~
I don't go overboard with decorating for fall. 
I hate to see summer go I guess....
From my door I still spy the roses and zinnias in my garden,
 and the hydrangeas blooming profusely.
So summer comes inside with me....
I'm not quite ready for fall. 
The garden will tell me when it really is fall, 
but in the meantime I'll get my wreath up...
and try to embrace fall.


  1. Love your wreath! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my wreath. Can you tell me when the Nate show will feature the bloggers? I have been watching for it.

  2. Ooohhh...I am a sucker for a fall wreath! Yours is beautiful!

  3. GORGEOUS wreath, Amy! Just stopping in to say hello...I feel like I missed so much going offline for three days! Oh how I wish I had my big projects done so that I could focus on making little details like fall wreaths and fancy punkins.

    Next year.


  4. Beautiful wreath! I like the layered look, gonna have to try it:)

  5. Hi Amy! Love your wreath!! It looks perfect! I put my wreath out on my door yesterday too... even though it does not feel like fall to me at all yet!! I soo love your front door- the whole picture is just so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!

  6. Beautiful wreath! I've been wanting to layer mine to get a fuller look but still haven't found the right combination! Your's is just perfect!

  7. Perfect fall touches, the wreath is beautiful!

  8. Love the front Porch! Ans I really like the way you 'treat' you're flowers being a garden/flower lover! i'll be grabbing you're Button! My compliments on your Blog!Hope you'll visit mine :-)

  9. Hi Amy - Your fall wreath is absolutely beautiful! Love the colors! And have I told you how I love your front door, the pediment, your front porch...delicious!!!

    I'm not quite ready for fall yet coz we're just barely getting the hot summer weather here (weird I know). For now, I'm starting with my white pumpkins. Maybe next week.

  10. Loved meeting you in person in NYC, Amy and (gasp) I just noticed your dogs for the first time. A-Dor-Able. Dillon looks like my Annabelle!I know I'm not supposed to say this, but I'm not ready for Fall. I like Fall, but I hate Winter and I just LOVE summer. I love the long days and the sunshine. Whining aside...Your wreath looks divine! Please keep me updated on what happens with your HGTV debut!

  11. I love your fall wreath!! I made one a few weeks ago! I am a big believer that first impressions are everything in design! Great job!

    Thanks for popping over at my blog today!
    p.s. I linked you a new favorite!

    Lindsay @ A Design Story


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