Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm Invited to the Nate Berkus Show!

Kirstie Alley and Nate Berkus
~I almost cried too!~

Twitterworld and Blogland designers are going nuts for Nate!
 I found out I was on the design blogger list of 150 peeps
 invited to the Nate Berkus' show next week in New York City!
 Nate had my number when he unveiled this stunning kitchen with the now famous green tiles.
He did this kitchen for Kirstie Alley and it was on the Oprah Show.
That was when I fell in love with Nate.
A designer who can do it all.....
he designs for the girliest of women and the manliest of men!
Looking forward to meeting Nate next week...I'll be pinching myself in the audience!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am super excited for you! Tell Nate I said hi lol! Oh yea, what is the designers blog list?

  2. Lucky you! I can't wait to hear all about your day at the show. Wish I was going too.

  3. Hurray for you, Amy. Let us know when so that we can watch!


  4. It's so rewarding when others recognize your efforts. Congratulations! What a fun time you will have.

  5. Amy you blessed woman! I am bursting with joy for you, are you on cloud 9 or what?????!!!!!!!
    YEA for Amy, woot woot, and all the other joyful noises!!!!!

    I am ashamed to say I have never seen his show, I will have to check it out, and see if Direct TV has it, excited to see it now for sure!

  6. Donna, His show just started this week! It is a brand new show....still waiting to see if I am "confirmed" , but hopefully I will have my tickets! Hubby going to drive me to NYC for the show and he will be my guest. Nate is almost as cute as Dave!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! So exciting Amy!! That green in the kitchen is making me rethink the paint re-do...again!! Congrats! :)

  8. YOu are one lucky girl! I hope they show his show in Australia too and not wait a couple of years.. I would watch every single one! I've seen him on Oprah and love everything he's done. take care, Maryann

  9. That is awesome for you! You have such talent that I'm sure he can learn things from you. Enjoy the moment!

  10. i can imagine all the fun and good times with Nate and Oprah! You are surely a lucky duck! I love Nate too! and Oprah is such an awesome person! Have fun and enjoy!

  11. That's AWESOME! I'm in New York (Upstate)...will I fit in your purse? Haha. Enjoy every moment. I love my Nate.


  12. How fun! I just watched the show last night. Have a wonderful time and wave to all your bloggy friends!

  13. Oh Amy this is so amazing ! I keep my fingers crossed that you ´ll be confirmed ! Can I get an autograph ? lol

    Congratulations ! Could you post a link of this show ? Enjoy every moment !


  14. HI Eve, Yes I will be posting a link of the show. I did get confirmed!!...I would tell any NY bloggers that wanted to try and go to the show on 9/21 to see if there are still tickets available. You can go online to Nate's website set up for his show and follow the how to get tickets...

  15. CONGRATS!!!! That is soooo awesome! I love Nate too!

  16. Amy, I feel the same way :) Can hardly believe it. Looking forward to meeting you.


  17. Aaaah love Kristie's expression :))

    Have fun at the event! I am sure it will be amazing!

    Kay Ellen

  18. Amy,

    What fun! Have a wonderful time...I know you will!


  19. I could cry too! Can't wait to meet you!


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