Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Nate Berkus Show Review

Yes, I was thrilled to be invited as a design blogger 
to be in Nate Berkus's audience this week.
 After all, I am a designer, and I have a design blog~
so of course it felt great to be recognized! 
Yes, I felt special!
We were told to queue up in the VIP line outside of CBS.
I was feeling really special!
A sea of 90 bloggers and their guests wait for the big show.
This event was a great vehicle for 
meeting up with our blogging and twitter pals.
In line I got the chance to finally meet Amy from ABCDDesigns.
She is a talented designer with a great blog.
Inside we waited in the green room before being 
escorted onto the set.
This is where many of us connected in real life for the first time.
The green room has lots of pictures of Nate on the walls.
I wonder if Nate decorated this space?  
Everyone knows that this incredible twosome, The Moggit Girls, 
created this opportunity and willed it to happen! 
On set, I was seated right behind them with Mr. Maison Decor!
The Moggit girls are funny. 
The warm up lady, Deena,
who gears up the audience, was really funny too.
Janet and Joy were funny AND good looking! 
And did I mention they have nice hair? 
This was my view of the show...
you can see tiny Nate Berkus in between them.
  He was kind enough to talk to the bloggers
 at the end of the show, off camera. 
I thought they would have put my hubby in the front row because
 he looked so darn good in his bright blue shirt and green tie....
but instead I think we ended up in the camera "dead zone".
 His shirt sleeve may make it onto the show though.
 Be looking for it.
This is what handsome Mr. Maison Decor wore..
so you can try and spot him in the audience. 
The camera was always pointing at other people...not us. 
We could do whatever we wanted 
because we weren't going to get caught. 
That was the upside. 
The downside is that my mother won't see me on TV.
At the end of the Nate show was the off camera part of Q and A. 
We got to talk about real design from his perspective. 
This was the really good stuff.
He is very charming and sincere, and seems to be very busy..
he had to leave after 15 minutes. 
Holy cow, it took us 5 hours to drive to NY for the show,
 and $700.00 in expenses!
Can I ask Nate a question please????? 
Poof, he was gone!
So that is my review of the Nate Show.
 It was not the highlight of my trip to NYC as expected, 
as I went to some other events after it was 
out that the design bloggers were in town. 
These events turned out to be a real plus for me.

I'll give Nate some slack, as it is a new show 
and the production team probably 
should have prepared a show that 
could have tapped into all of our brilliance! 

To watch this show
 go to the Nate Berkus Show online and see the schedule.
 It won't mention anything about design bloggers though. 
Topic will be adorable Design Star Emily Henderson
 who does a great makeover
 on a military family whose wife is a "collector" (hoarder). 
That was a hilarious segment I have to say.

There were two other events I received an invitation to: 
A first rate launch party of RUE Magazine and a 
 luncheon hosted by HGTV production team for design bloggers. 
They were both terrific! 
 I will be reviewing them in separate posts.


  1. I watched it yesterday because Sandy from My Shabby Streamside Studio blog was on there but, after her piece I changed the channel. He says "Really...and Right???" way too much for me!

  2. What an interesting read! I've been dying for updates. Can't wait to read more from others, even if they are more con than pro.


  3. You were too nice! It was so disappointing! Funky junk- read my post about it here:

    and on design blahg

  4. Ha! Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of posts that mention not being too happy with how the show went! Its was great meeting you! And I don't think we got a picture:-(

    Maybe we'll meet again. Are you going to Blissdom?!

  5. I love the photos. Looks like it was fun. I'm a follower

  6. Hey Amy~
    Well sounds like it was fun either way- meeting up with blogger buddies and what not. Can't wait to hear more about the trip and other events. :)

  7. I really have to watch the show. I've always enjoyed him when he was on Oprah, but now he's in another seat!

    Hope you had fun on the rest of your trip!


  8. Cute post! I'll be looking for Mr. Maison Decor's shirt sleeve!! :-)

  9. Amy, I appreciate your honestly in this post and agree with all of it. On the plus side, it was great to meet you. You are even prettier and delightful in person!

  10. Amy, I am so happy that your back to your cozy world again, where we can once again enjoy your lovely blog posts, your world is a delight and Nate and all the glitz, can not hold a candle to that! I am not a fan of his at all, but if it had been Candace Olsen I would of been on the next flight out of here!:)

    Take care and have a wonderful day, will look forward to your thoughts on Rue, can't say as I like the online mag much at something wrong with my taste? SIGH!

  11. Hi Amy-

    I have to agree with Erika above - you are even prettier in person. your photos do not do you justice. It was a pleasure meeting with you at the HGTV lunch and then and seeing you at all the events. I agree with everything you wrote in your review. I was expecting more from the show's producer's - they could have made it so interesting - Oh well! Us bloggers will have to start our own show.
    My best- Diane

  12. That stinks that Nate Day wasn't all you had hoped it would be. So great meeting you on Monday though. Thanks for coming to our lunch


  13. Hi Amy - sounds like it wasn't what you were expecting, but still fun right? Well, except for the huge expense! Looks like you've had some mini fun trips recently, like Martha's Vineyard. It's one of the places I would like to visit someday.

  14. Lindsey! I'm not the only blogger saying HGTV production ran with the idea of hooking up with us while we were in town and taking advantage of the opportunity. You all did such a great job, starting with the basics of name tags (all of us had NEVER met) and then actually asking us for OUR opinions on design and TV programming. Truly appreciated it, and I will be writing a post on how awesome it was.

  15. Still I'm sure it was something you'd not have passed up, and for sure you'd probably have wondered what you were missing had you not been able to go. At least you and hubby got to have a little trip away and hopefully spend some time together. must have been fun with all the other bloggers! That's cool!


  16. Glad you had a great time! When I was in the Oprah audience the show wasn't the greatest either, it was about Raquel Welch. I had to just remind myself that I was at the Oprah show!! I saw Oprah! I'll be looking for that handsome man of yours when the show airs :-)

    Have a great day!!

  17. Amy, I am disappointed for you. I know that you(and others) were looking forward to this. Hopefully the HGTV team is smarter about their opportunity. They have a lot to offer, so maybe there is a silver lining here, just not obvious yet:)

  18. Thanks for the shout out. It was so nice to meet you. At least HGTV and Rue was a blast for you guys. I hope to see you again!

  19. Well it sounds interesting and it was still a nice experience. I agree that he should have had a bit more off camera time with you all especially since you are bloggers and would spread the word ;-).

  20. Sorry you were so disappointed..I think alot of shows are like that. Just think you can say you saw him in person! Better luck next time! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Loved seeing your photos of all my favorite people! I think the best part of my experience going to the show last month was the people I met and connected with. Best for you too?

  22. It was insulting that Nate left so early and didn't take questions. I loved him on Oprah. I felt neglected. Even the good giftbag didn't make up for the way he made us feel.

  23. I loved seeing the photos... sounds like it could have been better for all involved...

  24. I love Nate, but the highlight of the trip for me was meeting all the lovely bloggers! Wish I could have spent more time with you. Perhaps at a Martha Stewart Show?


  25. Hi Amy,
    What fun for you to attend the new Nate show. Love the honest review of the show you've shared with us here today.

    I have to tell you, I love your drawings at sidebar of things you'd like to see happen. I hope they all come to fruition, it is so nice to dream and then make things a reality for sure!

    Happy night!

  26. I'm your newest follower too... be seeing you soon!

  27. I'm glad Nate brought us all together in NY! Nice seeing you again in Boston today and thanks for the pics!

  28. That is so cool that you were able to meet other bloggers there, that was probably the best part from what it sounds, but all in all I'm sure it was still a great experience! Are you going to be back in NH anytime soon? Stop by sometime! I miss seeing you :)

  29. Hi Amy, still recuperating from a whirlwind week, and was much fun to share some time with you. By the way, I love that shop on Martha's Vineyard and have not been there before....will have to make a note to stop in their look. Your blog is chock filled with all kinds of great stuff and will keep checking back over the next week. best, tamara


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