Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living a Happy Life

Funky Junk Donna asked us to post "all about me" stories...
not sure if this is ALL about me, 
but here is what I think shaped the person I am today:
I am the oldest sister, one of five kids 
and grew up happily  in the 60s and 70s...
I grew up traveling the world at age 5
 and living overseas because of my dad's job.
Our parents did a great job raising their kids.
We first moved to Brazil.
Our belongings were shipped via freight toys were finally here!
I've also been to the Coliseum in Rome....
and I've been to Tibet...
I lived in Pakistan for 2 years...
where we had elephant rides instead
 of pony rides at our birthday parties
 I also lived in Thailand for 3 years....
and sported a Mia Farrow hair cut. Ugh.
I visited the walled city of Jerusalem...
love those "60's" clothes.
and rode in rickshaws around Cambodian ruins...
I vacationed on the idyllic coast of Thailand.... 
 then finally went home to live in the States 
but toured Europe along the way (Copenhagen)...
Back in the good ol' USA in 1970!
Went to college and studied English and Art..
then married at age 21 
and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mom.
After 20 years my marriage had ended 
and I was embracing turning 40.
 Quite certain I had the happiest years of my life
 ahead of me, I lived my life,
 not waiting, just living.
An independent mother of 3 who was capable of starting over, 
not afraid of making mistakes, 
making a life for myself and my growing sons,
and still believing in the full happiness that was yet to come.
And so it was to be...
In 2007 I married Dave, Mr. Maison Decor. 
This partnership has brought out the best in me. 
I can't say enough about being with someone who "gets you", 
who is kind and generous and secure in themselves 
so that they can be a full and loving partner. 
 I also cannot stress enough that if you have the belief 
that you are going to find yourself in a better place, 
just go forward and believe in that. 
It will happen.
The thing that defines me most is my ability to embrace change.
 Moving around a lot as a young person
 gave me that ability and it is the thing I value most. 
It negates the fear that hinder most of us.
Problem solving, counselling, mothering, leading, partnering 
and home making are my other assets. 
My job doesn't enter the equation when I define myself, 
so I haven't put that into this essay.
 Although true to admit
 I am good at what I do and 
that I get pleasure from my job as a designer.
 I consider myself lucky to have been able to trust myself
 to go in the direction that gave me the biggest payoff~
living a happy life. 


  1. What a great post! I loved your pictures from your childhood!!

  2. Your life story is fascinating. I can imagine that traveling as you did, as a child, has truly shaped you into the person you are now. I like that you are creative, warm and independent. These are great qualities, Amy. I wish you much more happiness in the future!


  3. What a great story, you have really been everywhere!!! Great photos and congratulations on phase two of your life, best wishes!! I would love if you would consider sharing this on a link party I have just begun called story tellers. Feel free to stop by any Wed and link to it. It is very small and just barely getting it's feet.

  4. Oh I love it! First off, those photos you've shared with your family are soooo priceless, it's like stepping out of the time machine! And that you're so brave in showing them, you and your siblings were all adorable (I wouldn't dare showing my old photos...yikes).

    But best of all, your story made me smile big time! I loved that you have parents that exposed you to different parts of the world and how you appreciate it. I so agree with you that this probably what made you adaptable to many changes around (I am sooo the same way). I especially love that you shared YOU with us. You are certainly living a happy life.

    Good for you Amy. Bon vivant!!!


    PS - how cute is that photo of you wearing the chinese outfit (in turquoise) and hat?
    C U T I E!!!

  5. I think this is one of my favorite ideas of funky junk interiors. What a fascinating story and life you have lead. Thanks so much for sharing and love your blogspot.

  6. Oh my gosh. What amazing sights and experiences you've had. I love how you stayed positive and found what you were looking for. I look up to you on that one. :)

    Thanks for linking up! That was fun. :)


  7. What an amazing life you have had so far! What adventures you had and memories you created. Thank you for sharing.

  8. You are truly blessed! It was wonderful reading about you! Gosh, this is such a great post!

    Thank you!

  9. Stunning photos! What an amazing life.

    I am stopping by on the Funky Junk tour, but I'll be back!

  10. I sooo enjoyed reading about your life, you are so fortunate to have had such an incredible childhood! What a feel good story and amazing that you have so many photos. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. What an incredible childhood! Loved all these pictures, so cool!

  12. Indeed a fabulous childhood-- I loved getting to know one of my fav twitter darling, thank you so much for sharing! You always have the best link ups!

  13. I'm here via Funky Junk Interiors. What a fabulous childhood you had! Weren't the old eyeglasses a hoot?

  14. How amazing!Cant say Im not a little jealous! Love learning more about you!

  15. WOW Amy!! What an incredibly interesting childhood!! Love learning more about you! I didn't know about this blog party- so much fun!!!

  16. You are an amazing and facinating person. Your unique childhood clearly helped shape you to be the person you are today. Great photos... you had great style even as a young girl. :) Thanks for sharing and making me smile.

  17. Those photos do bring back memories of the styles, especially the boys coats in the first shot. I never had a pony at my birthday party but an elephant does look more exciting and cool. You are inspiring in how you overcame adversity by keeping your mind on the goal. I appreciate that you do not define yourself by your work.

  18. Just one word: Wauw ! (the pictures ar so beautiful...) You make me think of my mom, after 25 years she divorced from my father and now 15 years later she is engaged and very happy...

  19. Wonderful to get to know you. What an inspirational story. Love the photos and all the places you have gotten to experience. Look forward to discovering more of your blog

  20. How nice to hear a little more about you, Amy! It sounds like you had a wonderful childhood... lucky to get to travel overseas and see so many fabulous places. I love those vintage 60's pictures of you and your family... great stuff!
    Have a great weekend,
    ~ Jo :)

  21. Have followed and enjoyed your blog for quite awhile. Now I know why. You get it!!! You are good at what you do in great part because you have life in perspective and your values in check. What a blessing. Lisa W

  22. What a great childhood you had. I can't imagine. Very interesting life and post:thanks for sharing.


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