Friday, October 29, 2010

Slipcovers a la Maison Decor

White boxed style sofa slipcover.
This is the first slipcover I ever made.
It is traditional style with a pleated skirt and welting.
Fabric is a basic white duck
Detail shot of piping and skirt. 
This has been washed many times!
Yellow toile loveseats and ottoman
I made this out of Laura Ashley Garden Toile. 
This was my second attempt at slipcovering.
I was very happy with them.
Encouraged I attempted to do this harder shaped chair. 
I used three fabrics and did a cottage style slip.
Pink leopard for welting,
 cameo print in pink on green stripe,
 and a green window pane plaid.
I made a girls dress sash as the back tie
 instead of a fitted zipper for the back.
 This was taken last summer before I started blogging, 
so hence the blurry picture and messy background!
Thanks for sharing my slipcovers!
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  1. The green is my fave, lovely Amy!

  2. I love slipcovers. Yours look wonderful, I wish I could make mine myself!

  3. Loving the yellow toile!!


  4. Hi Amy~ Your slipcovers are gorgeous! I love them all! The white is so shabby and classic- the yellow toile is just gorgeous and the green chair is so cute! I love how you mixed the fabric on that one!! You did an incredible job! Btw- I featured your party link up from last week at the Feathered Nest party this week! :)

  5. I'm lovin' the yellow toile! What a great job!

  6. Hi Amy,
    I love it! You are very talented. I want a white slipcover so bad for my sofa and don't sew. Love all your items, very impressed here.

  7. Hi Amy!
    I love your slipcovers. In looking at your photos I see that we have the same mirror over your sofa. We have the same yellow toile fabric. I have pillows done in it on my sofa.
    I also have an ottoman covered in the green and pink fabric! LOL! Design sisters separated at birth!!


  8. Your slipcovers are gorgeous! I can't believe you made are VERY talented!!!! Beautiful.....

  9. Hi, I'm a new follower and love your website and everything you have done. I'm trying to create a similar style in my bedroom. I will subscribe so I can get more inspiration. :)


  10. You have done a beautiful job with the slip covers, love the laura ashely fabrics!

  11. Wonder job on the slipcovers! I've sewn all my life, upholstered numberous items, and never made a slipcover. Want to do both my sofas, and this is so inspiring to bite the bullit and do it. Thanks for sharing, carrell

  12. The slipcovers look really great did a wonderful job! I have a sofa I've been thinking I should slipcover and after seeing yours .... I am inspired!

  13. You are so ambitious! Love the yellow toile chair and ottoman. I am ALMOST done with my blue toile wing chair. It has a twist to it. I need to put the skirt on, take photos and get on with that post!!! I have a camel back has a fixed back your camel back fixed also? I'm trying to figure out how to slip it. Just bought some FABULOUS fabric in Hanoi. It looks just like linen...don't actually know what it is. I bought 25 meters of it (27 yards) for $1.99 a yard. Wish I had brought more suitcases with me! :)



  14. You made them????!!!!! Holy cats! You are a wonder!

    m ^..^

  15. GReat Job! I love the yellow toile fabric.

  16. Amy, All of the slipcovers are so pretty. I LOVE the yellow toile. Gorgeous!


  17. I am so impressed! I would be afraid to tackle such a project. And the outcome is absolutely beautiful. Almost enough to make me head over to your color scheme. Oh, but I'd miss my reds...

  18. I love that little chair of yours with the three fabrics, sooo adorable! Hey, I finally made 40!!! So excited! Check out my newest post, it has the chair you gave me!

  19. Wow, these are amazing! I know these aren't that easy. The yellow one is absolutely gorgeous, well they all are, but that is my favorite.

    I know what you mean about pictures before blogging, I have learned to see so much more in the photo and old photos aren't that great!

  20. Amy, I recently found your blog and just absolutely fell in love with some of your work. Thank you so much for sharing!


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