Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect French Wall Color

The color of Rachell Ashwell's dining room 
is an atmospheric greige..
that perfect blend between beige and grey.
She has it in her home office.
 Paired with white trim this color is warm, 
but lets the object in the room hold your attention.
How pretty the pinks and soft blues look with this wonderful color.
I love the color of her work table, don't you?
Rachell also painted her ceiling pale pink.
This color is also used in the cover shot of my book giveaway.
Its chalky, beigey, greyish, with green undertones.
I am painting my dining room this color as we speak!
Soon the rest of my walls may follow.
I'll be showing off the results this week.
So what color is this wall?
To achieve this look I used
 Benjamin Moore Natural Elements #1515.


  1. I love that color! Look forward to seeing it.


  2. I just posted about my gray living room, today! Love the chairs in that top photo!

  3. Oh I have been thinking about a color just like that to re-do my living/dining rooms. Ben Moore really makes a good quality product.

  4. I have been hearing a lot about greige...I actually have a nail polish this color and it's wildly popular. I have been thinking of doing my living room in this shade. Care to share your brand and paint color? I'm looking forward to seeing the results!


  5. What a wonderful color......perfect indeed!

  6. I can't wait to see it in your home !

  7. Amy, check out Elizabeth House in MO...you'll like her:)

  8. Jane, The color is Natural Elements by Ben Moore #1515. I am loving this color...

  9. Do your walls even have a chance to get dirty before they get a new coat of paint! How many coats so far in that dining room, hmmn, hmmn? LOL!!

  10. .. luv the color! Me? I Have a wall to paint in the livingroom. Still don't know wich color to use... I'll be waiting for Ur results.. So I can have a peak!

  11. What a lovely color... love the look and feel! I can't wait to see your dining room. I'm getting ready to paint my dining room, too... luckily I don't have much wall space. I've decided on a color but maybe I need to see your room first. :)


    P.S. Love the new pic of you and the hubs on the motorcycle in your sidebar!

  12. Ooohhh..never heard it called greige before but I like it! I've been more and more drawn to greys and silvers lately. Pretty rooms!

    Love the Maison Decor mag on your sidebar...how did you do that?

    Dropped your order off today. I included a couple extras and they are on top...so don't think I screwed up the order...just a gift to say thanks! Your order came at a most needed time.

    Have a great evening! We're watching all the election results here.


  13. I've seen a greige that was more green/beige. These colors are so calming.
    I am still in a battle with the whole neutral vs color thing! I'm just not sure! Can't wait to see your newly painted room!


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