Friday, August 3, 2012

A french vanity~How to add details to your painted pieces.

 Would you like to make your painted pieces one of a kind standouts? 
Adding extra details is the secret~
 I am going to show you how this vanity came together
 and what extras I added to give it a luxe look.
 Its important to see what detail work a piece of furniture has
 and then to work with them and highlight those special features. 
I had decided I wanted to do a two tone piece, however
 I did not want high contrast, so I chose two softer neutrals~ 
Annie Sloan™ Old White and Country Grey. 
 I would use Old White on the main part of the vanity and 
do the drawers and mirror accents in Country Grey,
in my opinion, an underused color in the Annie Sloan™ color line~
 I wanted to stripe the center drawer in both colors, 
so here it is painted in Country Grey with pencil marks 
drawn on with a simple clear ruler across the front. 
Don't get all distracted about measuring~I drew these lines in 3 minutes~
 As the piece develops I like to add the elements back 
in to see how it is coming together. 
Here you can see one of the drawers is slid back in place 
to see how it picks up the mirror color and the edge of the top of the vanity.
 I painted country grey in the grooved areas as well.
 Adding a bit of water to an artist's brush you can make 
it a light watercolory look, then take a rag and wipe
 away any that gets on the outside of the grooves.
 After I striped the center drawer I got out the two step
 Craqueleur by Annie Sloan™.  I wanted the center 
parts of the side drawers to have a tight crackled look, 
as well as the striped drawer.
 Here is what the drawer looks like with the first step~
a white glaze covers the area and when it is dry you 
add the second layer, followed by a hair dryer blast 
and what you are left with is fine crackles!!
 Here is the crackled area on the center of the drawer.
 Then after a clear waxing, I added dark wax to only the 
crackled area to highlight the fine lines. 
It looks really scary and messy when you use dark wax~
but don't fear, this is one of the details that will make the piece rock!!
 Look at that messy scary dark wax in a can!!! 
 Here is the dark wax over cracqueleur~
I put the hardware back on,
 but the gilding is still to come.
 I used my wonderful gilding wax on the tiny raised edges of the drawers~WOW!
I also used it on the edges of the top of the vanity and more heavily around the mirror.
 The Empire Gold looks gorgeous with the Old White and the Country Grey~
just the right shade of gold. It is the lightest shade of gold 
out of all three of the waxes. This step is done AFTER
 you have waxed the piece with Annie  Sloan™ Clear soft wax. 
 Then add the gilding wax to highlight areas~
 So these are some ways to create a knock out custom looking piece of furniture.
 You can see the gilding wax is around the feet of the dresser, 
and I even used some to brighten up the old brass hardware~

Now let me show you where
I found inspiration to do this piece~

 I saw this dresser on Facebook and I loved the striped drawer front~! 
 I wanted a softer contrast though in the two colors so I used 
Country Grey Chalk Paint™ instead of Paris Grey 
that Charmed by Vintage used on her piece.  Its gorgeous! 
 This morning I saw this stunning vanity on Facebook~
its by my favorite Facebook furniture painter,
The Junk Drawer Diva!! Kathy creates the most
 beautiful pieces in her custom blended Annie Sloan™ colors. 
 She called this one Periwinkle Dreams! 
 So the next time you get a chance to buy an old vanity or bureau 
with lots of details just waiting to come out~
take it home and get painting, crackling and gilding!
Turn a beast into a beauty~
And if you are interested in purchasing any of
 the gilding waxes visit my online store~



  1. Wow! So beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration....but I would love to have that piece!!

  2. Luxalicious, Amy. I agree. The added details make all the difference.

  3. Gorgeous, Amy! I love how you highlighted all the details and added the stripes to the middle drawer! You've given me an idea for one of the tables in my craft/sewing room.

  4. Oh, wow! Your piece is wonderful! It can hold it's own against the inspiration pieces. Thanks for the tut on the process, too. My husband is the painter of the family, but doesn't want to do anything extra. Guess I've got to sharpen my painting skills.

  5. Wow! Love how that looks! The extra painted details really made a difference.

  6. Amy That is SSSSSoooooooo Cute !!!
    Love it !

    ...and you :)

    Betsy D

  7. AMY....BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous, wish I had a spot for it I would love it. I have to speak to you about doing something for me, you are just too good for words. I love seeing all these new projects, you do the work of 10 people! And your ideas and colors are spot love love it!

  8. I have two old vanities sitting in my garage waiting for cooler days to paint. And here I was, just going to paint them Duck Egg blue... I think I have to rethink my plan. Hey, what are you doing for Thanksgiving this year? Want to visit your nieces and paint some furniture, lol??!

  9. I would love to come out and visit and paint!! But until I get employees that ain't gonna happen. But hopefully one day I will be able to.

  10. Your piece is so much more awesome than the inspiration! AMAZING! Love the detailed tutorial on how to use ASCP. You make it look easy. Ummmm....I'm thinking it might take me much longer to get such great results. Thanks!

  11. Amy, this is so beautiful. Love the techniques you used.


  12. Amy, this is so beautiful. Love the techniques you used.


  13. It's beyond fabulous! Oh my gosh... It's a work of art! Soooo French and so pretty. It looks like a million bucks, and i know it would rule any room it was in! I want to do that, maybe to my little kitchen cupboard. I'm with you too, I'm really liking the country gray... Incredible job Amy!


  14. What a beautiful piece! With those neutral colors it could fit into almost anyone's decor. Love all the painting details!

  15. Ok, I love love love this so much! My favorite piece you've done. I don't usually love stripes and would not have thought I'd love this but I soooooo do!!!! This will sell in a minute.

  16. OMG...This piece is absolutely did an amazing job on this vanity! Just love it...

  17. The 'bones' on these pieces are absolutely gorgeous....the finish is the crowning glory. Love, love!

  18. Amy, I am speachless! Your vanity is just gorgeous. You really let the piece speak to you! Just beautiful!!!! Where art and decor meet!

  19. Amy, your dressing table is gorgeous. The way you highlighted the details is just perfect!

  20. OK, that is downright gorgeous...You are an artist!


  21. Just gorgeous! And thank you for the detailed tutorial. I have got to get some of that gilding wax, so rich looking!

  22. Amy - do you realize that your painting technique just keeps getting better and better and more and more creative...?? This piece is just fabulous! And I love JDD's Facebook page! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. Such a beautiful job! Talk about a transformation! I have so enjoyed your blog and reading all about your shop and the pieces of furniture you do-you have such a talent!

  24. Hi Amy, love what you did to that dresser! I love all the details and the striped drawer. take care, Maryann

  25. Ok...your vanity is so fantastic that i am pulling my old vanity out of the attic and giving it the Annie Sloan treatment....I adore those stripes!!

  26. Love the have inspired me. ~Stephanie


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