Friday, December 21, 2012

Antique mirrors at Maison Decor and sharing the wealth

 Mirrors and me...lets just say I love them! 
So whenever I can I try to add more antique and vintage mirrors 
to my stores. Today I got 3 mirrors to add to the inventory.
This partial frame antique gesso and wood grey gilded finish is one
I have never seen before.  The frame runs half way around the bottom with tassels on
either side and swags of roses in between the fluted molding.
At the top there is a crown with clusters of roses and a ribbon!
 This round mirror is large and measures about 28" in diameter.
 A pretty header of ribbons and roses with a crown!
 A powder room would be the perfect spot for this beauty don't you think?
 The next mirror is an art deco style antique etched floral design mirror with a bevel edge.
 Whats neat about this mirror is that there are 4 amethyst glass rosettes! 
Yeah~purple glass!! You know I love purple....
 Its got a few minor condition issues, but all in all a 
nice vintage piece with special details at a great price.
 I have two fireplace mirrors~that is what they call these elongated rectangular shaped old mirrors.
This one is in the art deco style with etching and brass rosettes and its huge!
It measures 48" wide x 21" tall.
 The second fireplace mirror is more ornate and in the French style~
its also etched but has a beautiful frame along with the rosettes.

This large mirror is about 43" wide x 41" tall and has a grey gilt finish~
its a grand reception hall mirror and came out of an estate in Wellesley Mass.
(psss...that's where all the rich folk live....the old money rich kind of folk.)
When you need an antique or vintage mirror,
don't forget to check Maison Decor! 
We have more in the Boston store too!
This sideboard is getting the Gustavian treatment~
I'll be sharing after Christmas the before during and afters 
of how you can try to achieve this popular look.
Christmas is coming in a couple of days~
we had a nice family party at my son's dad's house the other night.
(Remind me that I am past the age to wear sleeveless attire now.
Bummer because I really thought I was ageless....)
I did wear a cute white mink stole with the silver sequined top...(why did I take it off?)
I got both of these at this great little consignment shop run by a single mom.
Now that I have my own shop I realize how much it means to a shop owner 
when you give them your business~so I picked up a few items for the women in my
life while I was there~including one SPECIAL item for my MIL!!
I'll share what she got after Christmas!
The consignment shop owner told me that my purchases are 
really going to help her out with her own Christmas.
I was so touched when she said that, because I really was 
trying to share the wealth, as it were, with real people hustling 
and working hard for a living.
So remember to shop local whenever you can~
it really does make a difference.


  1. Gorgeous mirrors, Amy! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! x

  2. Those mirrors are beautiful--love them all!

  3. I love sharing the results of a research project done a few years ago that showed that something like $85 of each $100 spent locally remains in the community, but only $14 spent at a large chain remains in the community. So glad you were able to spread the wealth! We had so many people come in to our local antique mall on the day after Thanksgiving who explained they were trying to shop local. It was MUCH appreciated! :)

  4. Lovely! I adore mirrors I just hate my reflection! You have a beautiful family, my friend! One thing I learned from photography is that light reflects off your arms no matter who you are, young, old, little, big... As my husband says, you're beautiful, shut up. Yes, he is a huge romantic. ;)



  5. That first mirror just took my breath away! It's GORGEOUS! They're all pretty... I'm such a mirror ho too. And, you look cute, I didn't even look at your arms, you're being your own worst critic. I agree too, about shopping locally. It's such a wonderful way to support your community and find something more unique and personal.


  6. Oh, Wow! LOVE all those mirrors you've chosen, especially the last one. I wish I lived near. :-) I think it is so nice of you to pass along how important it is to support local businesses where we live. You have a lovely shop. Merry Christmas to you!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  7. Amy! You look amazing in your sleeveless blouse. So pretty. Age is beautiful---truly, especially with your children by your side.
    I have a love affair with mirrors as well (as long as I am not looking at my own reflection in a sleeveless blouse-ha). I am always buying vintage mirrors and get so many compliments on my collection.

  8. Oh wow! i would have anyone of those mirrors! all are beautiful and you have such great taste Amy.
    I absolutely agree about shopping local and just like at Maison Decor in many you can get a bespoke service and an original look.
    The only think wrong with that picture is the down light!!!!! Amy next year stand were Justin is look at him all diffused and tanned looking,i love your top and your hair looks great too xxx

  9. Love the mirrors,each and every one, stunning! You all look great...and no worries you are ageless:) I was touched too by what you said about the single mom and how your purchase will help her this never know what impact a small gesture can have, you just really never know. So wonderful that you were able to help her out and score something great in the process!

  10. How sweet that the shop owner commented on how your purchase was helping her when you purchased gifts there. Shopping local from small business really does make an impact.
    Those mirrors are fabulous, and so are you!
    I linked to you in my blog post today. Your striped furniture post inspired me to paint my bedroom armoire with stripes and I love it.
    Thanks, Pam

  11. Great mirrors, Amy. Sharing is what makes this season special. Shopping local really can make someones Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  12. Fantastic mirrors! You shouldn't have said a thing about your look great. I'd love to see the white fur you wore though. Looks like Christmas is coming whether we are ready or not. I am not. We may have snow here the day of and I might not be going anywhere anyway.


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