Monday, December 10, 2012

Stripes~Painting them on furniture!

My hilarious and sweet blogger friend painted stripes on her bedside chest.
Cindy (of Cindy's Fractured Fairy Tale) writes about how she did it on her blog,
and how seeing some stripes I painted her inspired her to go for it!
I LOVE how this came out~and wanted to dedicate a post to this idea
of adding stripes to a painted piece.  It's a nice way to set your pieces apart from
the rest of the standard paint jobs, and its pretty darn easy to do.
Is this not gorgeous? 
 She only did her drawer fronts by adding a mix of two colors of
Chalk Paint™ and then aged the color a bit with dark wax. 
Check out her method
and see it step by step and
 laugh your butt off along the way.
 This is a vanity I did using a soft two tone palette.
 I added a fun little stripe on the center drawer.
I did NOT use painters tape, but used a standard school house ruler
 and just lined off with pencil the stripes.
As you paint freehand you will start second guessing yourself~
'cause the lines will be wiggling a bit,
especially if you have to paint 
over any raised moldings, like I did here.
You can see that they are NOT PERFECT~
but that is the point I am trying to make.
Perfection is not the goal~its the pretty end result 
and as you will see it really looks 
fabulous when all was put together
 (and I stopped looking at it with microscopic vision).
I added a layer of Annie Sloan Craqueleur to 
give the striped drawer some crackly age,
then I finished it off with clear and dark wax.
Pretty stripes~!!
The funny thing (to me anyway) was that the lady who bought it 
asked me to paint over the stripes to plain Country Grey.....huh?
The part I liked best, she liked least!!
So its all personal taste I guess, and if you have read this far, 
I am guessing you are 
a person who would like stripes on a piece of furniture.
 This was the finished look.
 The stripes pulled together the two tone vanity in a cool way.
My latest project with stripes was this old music cabinet
 that I got at auction.  I loved the shape and the finish
was sorely lacking~but that is just one big green light
in the world of painted furniture!
 I started off by painting the entire thing Graphite and then some Antoinette.
For the doors I used some painters tape and lined off a striped detail....
but its too darn perfect for this piece, so I got out the
 sand paper and roughed up my lines and distressed it
and then painted over the striped areas with a little Pearl Plaster
 to add a bit of pearlized shine and to soften the striped edges.
Its now a shabby music cabinet/bar/gigantic jewelry chest 
or whatever you want it to be!
This shows the weathered striped doors with a ripped out piece of 
Annie's new black and white toile fabric that i decoupaged to the interior.
The inside is going to get painted too~so this is yet to be done, but as you 
can see I drafted a little inspiration about this project and logged it into
the Annie Sloan WORKBOOK (a personalized decorating journal).
If you start paying attention you will notice that
 stripes are not just found in blogland~
this image is from Traditional Home magazine December issue....
and it shows the TRENDY traditional styling 
that stripes can give a piece!

To read about these pieces see the links below:
and last thing...
if you haven't read my son Justin's new blog  
click below:



  1. love seeing cindy in the spotlight. she is one of favoritest favoritest in blogland, and the stripes are inspired!

    lovely post, amy!


  2. Amy! You did a blog post about me! I am at work, and just discovered it when someone wrote me saying they had seen me on your blog. I was wondering if everyone would think i was nuts for painting pink stripes... and well, maybe saying some of the other things i said in that post. Oops...
    Anyway, I'm so tickled that you like the dresser, you were totally my inspiration!


  3. Beautiful piece! Your vanity striped drawer had inspired me shortly after you did it, too, Amy. I don't know if you saw it but I did a drawer on a table I repainted in my craft/sewing room. Just to add some interest to the plain Pure White chalk paint. I love stripes ~ I think they can be whimsical and add interest to a piece.

  4. Both your dressers look amazing,Cindy's pink stripes are so pretty and i loved her blog post too.
    I also love the graphite and Antoinette with the toile stunning combination x

  5. Love your stripes--and Cindy is a total kick. Wouldn't it be fun to go out for drinks with her?!

  6. Beautiful Amy! I agree I like these stripes un-perfect! I am off to read Cindy's post too! I missed that one!

  7. The stripes are gives the piece so much interest and character...just love all the featured pieces...still waiting to paint my vanity with stripes!

  8. oh yes, i saw the dresser on your friends's so pretty! I really like the last piece of the black and pink colors...gorgeous! I am your newest follower.


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