Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Chez Betsy" Pillows are in the house!

 Maison Decor stores is proud to announce our exclusive line of pillows
handcrafted by designer Elizabeth Speert
The pillow line is "Chez Betsy" 
fabulous  french country grain sack style graphics and prints.
 Elizabeth Speert, also know in blogland as Betsy has
 become a great friend to me during the last year...
and it was just in time too! I was about to open a store 
and I needed a kick *ss decorator to help me!
She has been invaluable lending a hand with the decor 
and layout and all that stuff...and now once in a while
 she gets the urge to create!  So of course I encourage 
her and tell her I want to carry her creations in my shops! 
So get these while you can~as each one is a one of a kind handmade creation...
She came over today to put the down filled inserts inside the covers~
I captured her doing her zen thing....hahah!
That is really what she does before every
 difficult task like sewing up pillows.
Here she is sewing the pillow...
this is no baloney folks!
These are really made by Betsy~hence the pillow line name:
You can get these beauties at my online shop or in my Malden store...
but so you know...there are only 6 of them right now...
and that might be all there ever will be.
Cause we aren't a factory in China ya know....
these are made in the USA

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  1. They're wonderful! I love that her line is called Chez Betsy! I'm going over to check them out, i love the subtle look of the print on the pillows, and sounds like they have nice inserts too!


  2. they would look great in my house too!


  3. Those are gorgeous and I don't think you will have them around to enjoy very long! Beautiful-love the ZEN picture-xo Diana

  4. I love the factory comment. They look lovely!

  5. They are very nice--could fit into to so many styles--I am sure you will sell a lot!

  6. I'm wondering if you sell the fabric/grain sacks(?)separately? If so, what would the cost be...I didn't see it listed in your online shop.

  7. The Zen thing picture is brilliant haha! i love the pillows Amy they really look beautiful xxx

  8. Love these! Can't believe I didn't receive twenty picture texts when you got them. lol

    Let's get some in Boston!


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