Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey class

Sunday is the day I usually hold workshops at Maison Decor and 
today was the Fifty Shades of Grey workshop.
It was all about learning to extend the color range by mixing your own
Chalk Paint™ colors together.  Each student was given an artist
pad to record their combinations and the focus was on the many ways
one can make beautiful grey~tweaking Paris Grey and French Linen 
from Annie's colors in the can. 
Tami and Phyllis are extending Graphite with Old White and Pure White.
They both write blogs too and I will have links at the end of the post~
they both came with cameras in hand and I imagine you might hear their side
of the class if you check in on their blogs.
I had two tables of women busily learning the secrets of color mixing~
the other table was camera shy, so you won't be seeing them here.
I have been loving Paris Grey mixed with a bit of Louis Blue
so we incorporated that in the class~its a new favorite of mine
when I mix 3 parts Paris to 1 part Louis.
 Ladies traveled from Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island
as well as a native from Ireland and a gal who lives in Poland. 
They all gathered in my little shop to take part in the Fifty Shades class!
 Look to see what classes your stockists offer~
you might just find a color mixing class near you!
 I also introduced them to Artisan Enhancement Pearl Plaster as part of the Grey experience.
These boxes were done in Paris Grey, then washed with Graphite and ragged off, followed by a 
fine script stamp in Graphite with brushed Pearl Plaster and a touch of silver gilding wax.
At the end of the day many cans of Grey and White colors were sold,
as well as the Pearl Plaster.....

And Annie's new WORKBOOK went flying out the door as well!
Its my favorite new toy in the shop I must admit~
and I was tickled pink to see that Annie herself mentioned
my WORKBOOK on her blog today!
Yes she did.



  1. love that cabinet with the fabric or wallpaper inside. will be checking out all the blogs you listed.

  2. Do you ever rest?
    I am having a color quandary on my latest post. I always have a hard time deciding! I cannot imagine adding 50 more shades to each color! I would be in the insane asylum!

    I am off to visit your son's blog and Henhurst!



  3. What a great and fun workshop, Amy. Headed over to say Hi to your son- xo Diana

  4. Amy, I love your shops and only wish I lived close enough to visit.

  5. That is such a cleverly named class :) I painted my entire house grey and went through so many tester pots until I ended up making up my own colour with just straight white and a touch of black. Clean and clear grey without all the shades of purples and blues mixed in!

  6. Oh wow Amy the little cabinet with your work book on top looks stunning!
    So many techniques and information to be learned at your classes,love the pearlized look...Ok i'm going to check ol blue eyes out and see what he has been up to xxx

  7. Wow Amy, looks like your classes are so well received! Wish you were closer, because i would so be there attending them! I love my Annie Sloan paint, but do get overwhelmed with all the options. Love that little cabinet with the toile wallpaper in it too...
    Now, I'm off to check out Justin's blog!



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