Friday, February 6, 2015

A Whimsical Painting Style, Mora Clocks, and My Painted Piano

Painted Furniture can be done in so many ways.
This table was done in a whimsical style copying
a well known company, MacKenzie-Childs.
 MacKenzie-Childs is out of New York, and it is  
recognizable due to its mix of black and white checks with 
fun colors and painterly techniques. Whimsy abounds!
Gina created this table with paint and decoupage techniques.
 This image shows the edge of the table where some tissue paper
was being attached using a decoupage method using Annie Sloan's
decoupage varnish.  What was happening in the photo was that the shop
floor had flooded and I was taking a picture of the water all over the floor! 
This is the only during process photo I have, 
but essentially the table was painted with Graphite
then some actual MacKenzie-Childs tissue paper
 was decoupaged on the lower shelf and along the top edges. 
She decoupaged some butterflies and flowers on top of the checkered paper.
Colors were added in pinks and blues. Gina used a painterly free hand 
technique on the black and white striped border along the upper rim.
Gold gilding wax was added after waxing and the crackling. She used
Annie Sloan Cracqueleur along the top to create tiny cracks for character.
Dark wax was applied after the cracqueleur to accentuate the cracks. 
 A little more gilding on the legs after waxing the piece. 
 Its charming and fun and a great knock off of MacKenzie Childs. 
Think outside the box when you want to have a whimsy piece for your home.
Using decoupage and paint from Annie, your choices are unlimited!
Switching gears abit...

I don't blog that much about our wonderful Maison DecorMora Clocks.
But rest assured they are a big part of our family business!
We have had so many happy customers and we continue to 
take orders and customize them and send them on their way
to their forever homes.  We asked people to be a bit more
patient this holiday season as we had record breaking orders.
So just in case you were wondering how they are coming along...
The base of the clock operation is in Boston on Tremont Street at 
our sister store, Pioneer Goods Company.  We have created a special 
clock workshop to handle all of our clock orders, and each one is carefully
created, giving it an aged appearance and antique patina.
This is our Clock Workshop!!
This photo was taken this morning by Justin at my request. 
It looks like one is about ready to get shipped, 
while the others are getting ready for their faces and 
aged waxed finish coats.  
I love seeing our clocks in their forever homes, like this one
at Dear Lillie's mom's home in New Hampshire. 
It looks perfect! 
I would love to have anyone who bought one of our clocks
send us photos of them so we could create a gallery
featuring them in readers and shopper's homes.
Send your pics to
And now to my home....
 I wanted to refresh your memory of how my piano 
used to look. The dark mahogany kind of swallowed up the
corner of the room. I rarely photographed that area because it felt
so dark and different than the rest of my home.
 Well all that has changed! I love it white!
I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.
I added a little detail under the hood...and I am unsure if 
I am going to keep going...or not.
I love how it looks right now. And so that is probably my 
clue to leave it just the way it is.


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  1. I recently painted my piano. I'm feeling a little guilty about it but I like it so much better white. I felt exactly like you did. It was a big dark think in the corner ans it didn't make sense in our living room. Your piano is gorgeous! I found you through Pinterest. I had fun browsing through your blog.


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