Monday, February 23, 2015

New blog design

My blog is going to be getting a makeover.
You may have noticed some things were a bit wonky
and since its been about two years, its time for an update.
I will be working with a new blog designer today.
What that means is picking out fonts, layouts and 
colors that will become part of the everyday appearance
for my blog.  I have a vague idea of what I want and part
of the process for me, is to let it happen and don't get locked
into anything specific.  Just follow where the road will take me,
you know what I mean? 
 Its Monday and a good day to get started on this project.
Its also freezing cold here in Boston and the temps are going
to plunge 40 degrees in the next 24 hours. So fun, right!?
This winter is taking its toll, so doing makeovers on my home,
my sister's home and now my blog are my way of coping.
I will let you know how I am making out, and I might even ask
your opinion on layouts or design elements if I can't make up my mind.
 Most people do not like change, so I hope this 
new design will be something you all will embrace.  
Hope you have a great week ahead of you.  I will be doing
a HomeGoods redesign tomorrow for a client near my shop
and will be back to share her before and afters.

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