Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gold and Pink Lusterware

There has been so much snow the past two weeks I found myself
planning the perfect Valentine tea party.  Not that I have tea parties
mind you, I am more of a dinner party thrower....but let me back
up and tell you how this all came about.
While shopping last weekend at an antique shop
I noticed these bright gold plates tucked inside a bookcase.  
They stuck out like sore thumbs in this shop
filled with rustic pieces.  I picked one up off the stack and flipped 
it over and sure enough, there was a stamp with a Makers mark and France. 
 I must have a built in sensor for all things French.  I was especially 
happy to see there was quite a stack at a very good price.  
So they all came home with me where I researched the maker.  
First of all, I couldn't even read what it said. 
 So I just posted it on Facebook,
 and several friends came to the rescue and told me it said 
It is an old pottery company located in Lorraine France, 
and they make  mostly Faience country style patterned pottery
 I searched some more and did not see one item that was all gold. 
 So back to Facebook and several of my pals told me they
 were likely chargers for desert plates!
Look for clues on the back of your dishes, 
then head to the internet to try to identify them.
This mark means the dishes were made between 1920- 1950.
Pretty cool! Different marks by the same company indicate different
times of production.  Anyway, so now I knew who made them and when,
but really wasn't sure what they were used for.
However when more than a few suggested 
they were chargers for desert plates.
 Then one of my oldest FB friends, Mikey Fuller 
(who bought a chandelier from me many moons ago)
said they looked like Lusterware... 
I am pretty sure they were all right! Lusterware chargers!
 So that got me to thinking of a desert party, perhaps
with pink champagne or tea if you were so inclined...
with pink frosted cupcakes and pink
macaroons! I pulled out my collection of pink and gold lusterware
 teacups and some antique  desert plates and pulled it all together.
What is lusterware exactly?
Lusterware: A type of pottery that has a glaze mixed with metallic to give it
the effect of iridescence, which is produced by metallic oxides in an 
overglaze process, then treated to a secondary firing in the kiln. 
It is an old process that started before the Mesopotamian age. 
 Pretty amazing!
I recall seeing my grandparents had two copper lusterware pitchers in their
china cabinet.  It was very collectible.  The lusterware can be silver, gold, 
copper or rose colored depending upon how much of the gold
 is used in the process. 
Its Easy Elegance alright~a remnant of linen with pale pink 
roses piled high with gold and pink lusterware!  Add some pretty
flowers and baked goods and you have all you need.
These roses are actually great fakes!
 I found them at HomeGoods,  they have some fantastic florals.
The best part? They never wilt and look quite realistic.  
With Valentines looming I think I am almost ready.
Perhaps a private party for deux?
The Gold Lusterware is going to make things feel very 
Age of the Innocence I think...indulgent and luxurious and 
over the top!  So take a peek into your china cabinet and 
drag out some old collectibles like depression glass, or milk glass
or fine crystal and china and have some fun.
Mix your old china with some new and make it your style!

Note: Partially sponsored by HomeGoods as part of my participation in their Pinterest Program, Happy by Design. 

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