Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Happy by Design Boho-chic Makeover

How about this fun transformation?
I think it might be one of my most favorites ever!
This was a sitting room in a condo that needed 
some personality and functionality.
My design assistant Gina and I headed out to make it happen.
Check it out~its pretty awesome.
 The basics were great~ sofa, chair and wall color that 
were all neutral.  All I need to do was to find a unit that could 
serve our homeowner a little bit better as a bill paying center and 
hold her printer and daily bills and mail.  The small dark wood console
she had did not cut it.  Everything about this room was just a bit boring.
That was about to change, as I planned to make it inviting and cozy~
just like a sitting room should be!
It is now a Boho styled sitting room with the most charming personality!
The inspiration point of the space started with the homeowners collection
of mismatched artwork that she had gathered over the years.
When you have a bunch of artwork think "Gallery Wall"!
Start in the center and work out from there. 
Fun Bohemian pillows from HomeGoods tied all the colors of the art
together.  A long low console with baskets was ideal for all the mails
and paperwork as well as a nice place to set up a pair of pretty lamps.
 The centerpiece of this wall was this enormous tin tile medallion.
Its a show stopper, yet doesn't compete with the gallery wall of art.
This chic velvet tufted ottoman was the perfect choice for a 
coffee table.  A simple tray set on top will hold drinks
or snacks.  The soft aqua color was perfect with our 
homeowners carpet.  It was petite enough to fit in the room
and without it the room would not have felt finished.
A fun flower dish was used for a place to corral eyeglasses,
and repeat the Boho theme.
 A rustic pedestal table holds a vintage blue phone and 
a HomeGoods faux floral adds the perfect pop of color! 
The lesson here is, don't be afraid to mix it up!  
This is the happiest and hippest sitting room ever!
Pull together your odd ball collection of artwork
then weave it all together with the magic of HomeGoods amazing
assortment of accessories and home furnishings.

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