Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Chateau style bedroom makeover plan

Our bedroom, as shown in the Spring issue of Romantic Country Magazine,
is getting a makeover.  After spending a week in Florida at a wonderful rental 
home, sleeping every night on a super comfy King size bed, hubs and I decided to
make the switch from Queen to King.  While I am excited about the new bigger mattress,
it also meant we would need a new bed, bed frame and bedding, 
which was the really exciting part!
The bedding part was easy. 
I have always loved this tapestry style bedspread from Soft Surroundings. 
 It has that Old World Frenchy Chateau look that you all know I love, and the colors
couldn't be more perfect!  We both decided to go for a bed without a footboard, to allow for more room in our smallish bedroom.  So that meant a bedspread like this could finally work.  These spreads
don't look great when sandwiched in between a headboard and footboard.  I finally could order the spread I had lusted over, ever since I laid eyes upon it.  
Imagine that spread with my painted antique table....yum zone!
The new headboard will be a fabric headboard, since it is easier to mix it in with the existing bedroom furniture.  I ordered it online, and took a roll of the dice, chance wise, in the color department, since I picked out a blue fabric headboard. I think the blue fabric will be closer to the painted table than the lighter blue of the spread.  It could be totally wrong or amazingly right.... 
I will just have to wait and see how it looks with the walls and the spread.
The only real dilemma I see, is that the bed will go in front of our window, and I have always
hated that layout option.  Its not great, putting most furniture in front of a window, lets face it.
So I am cooking up some creative ideas on what to
do with the window and the wall behind the bed, so that it looks GREAT!!!
Not ok, not kind of alright, but really wonderful.....and I have a few ideas.
Of course I could just put up wider curtains as a backdrop, but that seems very boring.
I am thinking of a hardscape back behind the tufted blue bed.  Think old doors on barn sliders
that could open and close to allow access to light and air, and provide a stunning rustic backdrop.
I have been looking at inspiration photos of beds in front of windows, and I haven't seen
anything as pretty and as rustic and as cool as what I envision in my mind.
Wish me luck!

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