Friday, March 17, 2017

Master Bedroom:Dreamy Bedding and Headboard Installation

The master bedroom makeover is well on its way to being a success story.
Bedding plays a huge role in the style you want, so its a natural place to start your 
bedroom decorating. Our bedroom is small, and has slanted ceilings, and 
when we decided to go from a Queen to a King bed, I thought the bed would have to
go in front of the window.  Well, it looked terrible in front of the window,
so we turned it around, and tucked it under the slanted roof line, and it 
fit like a glove.  The bedspread/coverlet was the inspiration for the European style I wanted,
and since we were keeping all the dark wood furniture but eliminating 
the bed itself, we opted for a tufted fabric headboard. 
 The color of the headboard was the one thing I was nervous about.
The walls of the room are a pale aquamarine, and I took a chance on this deeper 
colored blue headboard.   All of the bedding and bed parts were ordered online, sight unseen.
That is pretty nerve wracking, and I had to wait for them to arrive, one by one. 
I wouldn't be able to tell if my choices would work, until it all arrived.
 Yesterday the last pieces came and hubs and I were able to set up the bed, 
with the new bedding, and we ended up being pretty thrilled with the way it turned out. 
(All sources will be listed at bottom of the post)
 When I redecorate, I don't start from scratch.  Many of my things will be
repurposed or given a new role.  Some items, like the carpet, are taken from
another room to achieve the look I am trying to create.  Of course getting a bigger
bed, meant getting all new linens, and that was the fun part!
Some items would be a splurge, some would be on sale.
The bedspread was the inspiration for the style of the room, and it came from the idea
that I thought it looked like a family relative to the painted antique table.  And that is where I 
got brave enough to order the darker blue headboard, hoping it would look nice with
the blue on the painted table.  The bed is a little bit greener, in the range of blue/green
 but I think it looks fine.  The overall palette is monochromatic aquamarine.
 Since the new foam mattress is up on a pedestal and a riser to give it
some height (18") from the floor, I searched high and low to find a bedskirt
that would work.  And what a delight it was to see it in person!  It is a cotton voile
in a pretty "sea glass" color.  I ordered two euroshams from the same line to 
coordinate the bedding, as the spread is from a different company.  While it 
may be easy to order everything you see on one website, I like to hunt down my own
vision of how the bed should look.  While the bedspread was shown with offwhite bedding,
I wanted to pull out the blue in the bedding, and that is why I looked for blue components.
If you had this spread, and you liked the color green, you could easily do the same thing,
to have your room be "your style" with your favorite color, green.
Mind you, I am still in the fun and early stages of styling the room,
which means I am hanging things up, looking for lamps, and moving
things around.  The next big part of this bedroom makeover is to 
switch out the silk draperies.  While the color is spot on, they are 12 years
old, and showing fading and wear.  I guess that is the tattered elegance that 
I favor, but I saw some unbelievably gorgeous draperies that I think will 
look amazing with this bedding.  
For those of you who are interested in where I got the bed parts, mattress, and 
the bedding, my source list is as follows.  Click on the item to go to the link.

Perhaps my last post on the King sized dust ruffle from Horchow spurred some buying, 
as now it seems the King may be out of stock. 
 It was a smokin' deal at $79, and they do have the twin size for sale at $56. 
 I love this bedskirt!  
It is a cotton voile, a bit of a crinkle texture, and it
is lined.  I didn't do a thing but open it up and put it under the mattress.  Two twins would give
you a king size if you wanted to alter them.  But the point is, keep shopping and looking and 
you will find bedding that is well priced and lovely.  I splurged on the Coverlet from Soft Surroundings, as I felt that was the one thing that would make the room, style wise. 
So spend where you must, and save where you can.
We have only spent one night on the new foam mattress, but it seems fantastic.  
The platform and the riser were both so well made, we were very pleased with everything.
This is not a sponsored post, and even if it was sponsored, these opinions are honest
and hopefully helpful to you, if you are also redoing your bedroom.
Note: Update on the mattress~we love it and are enjoying our best sleep in years!

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