Sunday, March 12, 2017

Aquamarine bedding steals from a luxe online shop

 The master bedroom makeover from a Queen size bed to a King size bed started
with hubs and I moving the Queen bed into another bedroom.  You might recognize it as 
the room I had just turned into my home office space.  It is being turned into a guest room now,
and our old Queen bed looked quite lovely in its new setting.  Our foam mattress arrived quickly,
as we purchased it online after reading many reviews.  
They recommend setting it up and letting it get rid of the toxic fumes in a process
called "off-gassing".  Basically open the windows and turn on the fan and let the odors
from the foam dissipate for 3-7 days to avoid any reactions to the VOCs the foam emits.
When we got it, the mattress was rolled up in a vacuum sealed bag, and it was very thin. When we cut it loose, it hissed and blew up and grew to the 12" size it is now!!! Totally freaky!
Mr. Maison Decor ordered a platform and a riser that is put together and placed on top of the 
metal platform to give the bed extra height for an appealing look when covered with bed dressings.
The mattress is in front of the window, and until the headboard arrives, we will let it continue to 
off-gas until we put it together and move it into position.  But until then, I have been hunting for 
bedding for the King size bed.  Which may turn out to be more expensive than the bed and mattress!
 My first purchase was this Belgian tapestry bedspread.  I fell in love with the look of it in a Soft Surroundings catalogue, and that is usually all I need to feel confident that I am going to love something in real life. But one never knows until it when it came I ran right upstairs and opened it up and laid it out on the old bed.  Colby, never to miss a big moment, wanted all in on the decision making too.
We both loved it, and he was careful not to lay on it right away.  These pics are all from my iPhone, and so they aren't quite as true to color as real life, but it looks just like the catalogue pic.  My goal was to have the bedding look complementary to the painted table, and to work with the blue walls in my room.  Both seem to be perfect.  The rug will not be staying, as we are going with sisal.
We need a bedskirt to cover the platform and the riser, so its a necessity for a well dressed bed.
The catalogue pic above shows it with an ecru bedskirt, and I was thinking I would do white. But in person white didn't seem like it would look right.  So I searched online for bedskirts at Country Curtains, Overstock, Pottery Barn, Target....and then I thought why not check Horchow?
 Horchow is a very pricey catalogue company that has beautiful things at staggering prices.  
But one never knows what one will find, unless they look, right?
 And what to my wondering eyes should appear on the sale page, 
but this King sized Cotton Voile dust ruffle in a color called Sea glass, marked down to $78. 
And wouldn't this color look beautiful?  YES IT WOULD AMY!!
 (*Putting item in cart and processing sale)  
Now the bedding set it was shown with didn't catch my eye, but the color of the skirt did.  
That is a terrific deal on a bedskirt, and its not polyester or rayon, it is cotton, another big plus!
 As a matter of fact they had some gorgeous bedding on sale. I particularly love these bedspreads that have built in ruffle from the top of the bed's edge to the floor.  They are called skirted coverlets, and I think they are wonderful.  You wouldn't need a bedskirt, but I can see they have one on this bed.
How pretty is this set in that aquamarine blue?  Now the coverlet is kind of pricey, even on sale, but the shams are all on sale and sometimes you may want to add a few pillows to an existing set to give it a fresh new look.
 Another pretty coverlet in periwinkle...
A lovely pink ensemble with gorgeous trimmings, also on sale.  So I advise hunting around in all the shops, from Target to Horchow to see what you come up with.  Soft Surroundings also had bedskirts but I didn't see anything that spoke to me.  I also needed an 18" or 19" drop, 
and most shops will have choices, from the classic 14" drop to elevated drops of 20" or more.  All this online shopping occurred mostly because I have a cold, and was home bound this weekend.  Since all the bed parts were arriving I was desperate to get the extra things I needed to finish off the bed.  I still need to get a new down duvet and that might be it.  A HUGE snow storm is upon us for Tuesday, the day the upholstered headboard is set to arrive.  Here is to hoping it arrives on schedule!
And the good news is, that after only two days there seems to be no smell in our bedroom at all. YAY!

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