Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Luscious Linen Balloon Curtains for Master Bedroom

 Romantic and luscious, these Linen Balloon Drapery Panels are gorgeous!
They add more of the European relaxed glamourous look that I was going for in the
master bedroom redecorating project.   Soft Surroundings is so
wonderful for their European and French home decor offerings.
I was delighted to partner up with them again on these beautiful window treatments.
  They have a large selection to choose from,
 but I really had my heart set on these linen panels for our bedroom. 
The panels are lined in white cotton which gives it extra weight and fullness.  
The bottoms of the panels are sewn back onto the lining and it creates a balloon effect. 
 These are not puddled and turned under at the floor, but instead are sewn with a balloon
bottom which is effortless to create a perfect cloud-like bottom that sits 
elegantly on the floor.  The top of the panel is a tie top created from a ruched and ruffled header, 
which feels like the essence of European glamour.  The color of my panels is ivory.  
The ivory is very soft, off white, not yellowy, and it looks nice with the white bedding.
The panels do come in white, but I was afraid it may be too white, so I opted for ivory.
Can I say......I am in LOVE!
The gauzy ivory linen with the white cotton lining sits elegantly on the floor.
I pull the curtains closed at night with a simple tug, and they don't get
 messed up on the bottom like puddled curtains do.  I couldn't recommend
these curtains more highly~they are beautifully made and look incredible!
My husband got in bed the first night they were hanging, 
looked up at the window and said, "Wow, these look very grand!"
Grand, indeed!
Another tiny thing we did to the bedroom was to add these simple wall
sconces.  They are not hardwired, and they have a pull chain to 
turn them off and on.  The cord is tucked behind the headboard, and it is
one of my favorite improvements in adding to the overall ambience of the room.
Since I love to read at night, and hubs falls asleep before me, they also are 
good at directing the light in a small pool towards my book.  I am reading 
Empty Mansions right now, and its fascinating!  True story about a rich eccentric 
heiress, with many mansions that she kept up, but never visited.  Bizarre! 
I lie in bed and look at my grand curtains and think maybe the heiress had 
something similar in her bedrooms~she was born in France, after all.  
The master bedroom is a wonderful respite at the end of a long day in the garden (me), 
or out in the excavation pit (hubs).  We love everything we selected, the mattress, 
the bedding (which is the Regency Tapestry Coverlet from Soft Surroundings), 
the tufted blue headboard, and last but not least, the Linen Balloon Panels!! 
Note that I ordered the curved bronze rod from Soft Surroundings
to hang the panels as they show in their online shop.  It is not the easiest
rod to install, and although I was able to do it myself, it really is a two 
person job.  Lets just say my 25 years of custom window treatment installations
came in handy on this pesky but alluring rod.  I like how the rod curves out
into the space of the room, and that is why I think hubby thought they looked grand.
Its an understated wow kind of look!  
Simply put, these panels are wonderful!  

I read a lot of the reviews on the Soft Surrounding site
and some were concerned about the wrinkles in the panels when they
unpacked them.  I had a simple solution to handle this issue:  give the 
panel a spritz with Downy wrinkle releaser and smooth the panel with your hands
after you have hung them up. The wrinkles came out right away, 
and it only took ten minutes for me to do both panels.  

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  1. What a lovely window treatment I love the bottoms! Your whole room is just beautiful. I love the lights over the bed I need to look for that book.

    1. Thank you Rachelle, the book is great. I found it at Barnes and Noble.

  2. Amy...The curtains are beautiful...I adore linen...and they look so romantic and pretty in your room!

  3. I love them! They are absolutely perfect for your bedroom. I purchased 10 of their smocked top panels several years ago. I have them in the open den/kitchen/breakfast room and I love them.

  4. Amy,what a tranquil bedroom. Love everything about it. Those panels are just yummy with the pooling on the floor and the curved rod. Just divine...sigh.

  5. Oh Amy! These are grand, indeed -- I especially love the non-puddle puddle.

  6. They are beautiful. I am still trying to wrap my head around how they pulled off the balloon look. I just made five sets of drapes (13 feet tall!), and have drapes on the brain. I would love to replicate this effect.

    1. Basically the front linen panel gets attached to a shorter cotton lining panel, creating a balloon effect!

  7. Those balloon panels really are grand!!! I have read "Empty Mansions" and LOVED it. Fascinating story!! I also visited and stayed at the heiress'childhood home in Butte, Montana, where the whole copper dynasty evolved. It is now a B&B, full of the family history, and well worth the visit.

    1. oh wow, that is so interesting! I would certainly consider that if I travel back to Montana.

  8. Love the look! I have read 'Empty Mansions'. Fascinating story! I also visited the heiress' childhood home in Butte, Montana, where the whole copper mining dynasty evolved. It is now a B&B and well worth the visit. They give a wonderful tour and the home is full of the family history.

    1. I would love to go on that tour....the story is fascinating.

  9. Beautiful relaxing setting! You may also want to read : The Phantom of Fifth Avenue: The Mysterious Life and Scandalous Death of Heiress by Meryl Gordon. Story of the same woman. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  10. They are beautiful and fit into your room so well! I love your bedding too Amy. I want to thank you again for walking me through my first pinch pleat curtains that I made for my master bathroom way back in 2011. I couldn't have done it without you!

  11. They are gorgeous Amy. They coordinate so well with your magnificent bedding. I love the fact that they keep their shape at the bottom when you open and close them. Love that rod too! I love Soft Surroundings!

    1. They are a dream to open and close. I love the look, glad you like them too Shirley.

  12. Hi! Beautiful room! Can you share where to find sconces like you have over your headboard?

    1. HI Regina, I got the simple sconces at IKEA. They also come in a chrome finish and both have matching lamps to coordinate with the sconces.

  13. I like these and will look at their site to order some for one of my guest rooms if they are available with a blackout lining as I don't like all the light coming through them.

    1. They do not have blackout lining, but you could always add a blackout roller shade.

  14. So much romantic, billowy lovely here to admire, Amy. I loved watching you put this room together and seeing each layer up the ooh lala factor. Thanks for all of these introductions! xox


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