Wednesday, May 24, 2017

No More Pink Curtains and a new video!

So its been awhile since I last posted, and that was all about the pink linen
curtain panels I made for the dining room. I apologize.
(Even my sister Ellen called me up and said,
"You need to blog because every time I go to look, all I see are pink curtains!!")
 Believe it or not, they only stayed up for 48 hours.
 I just couldn't stand how it looked.  The pink was 
way too pink... The light coming through the fabric made them even more
pink then they actually were.  And I never did buy a sample of the fabric to 
check to see if it was the right shade of pink.  I just kind of hoped it would
be similar to what it looked like on my computer monitor.  I should have known
better.  At any rate I now have 12 yards of pink linen which one day will be 
reincarnated into some divine project I am sure.  
And the grey curtains with the pom poms are back up!  
Bye bye pink.
A valiant try, but not for me.  My husband was agreeable,
which is kind of funny~he said they really brightened the room. 
(insert smily face)
My youngest son Colin detested them. And so did I.
In other news, we did have the baby shower for Justin and Madison
and I was able to use the courtyard for the first time entertaining a crowd!
When I renovated the backyard to create the courtyard, I had only a french
daybed and some chairs for seating.  This spring I ordered an all weather wicker
set of chairs, ottomans and loveseat from the Home Decorators Catalogue, which
is a Home Depot company.  The set was by Martha Stewart ( I love her as you know)
and after reading the many reviews, I ordered it sight unseen.  I was banking on 
the reviews of it being comfortable and well made, and I am happy to report it is both!
The set is called the Lake 
The Adela Lake Collection set by Martha Stewart. 
 It comes in a few finishes, and I chose the weathered grey color with the 
sand colored cushions, seen above.  It looks right at home in the rustic
courtyard.  We moved the set into position where the day bed, 
and the daybed was moved opposite the wicker set, so we can seat quite a few people now.
We still are working on setting everything up, like the bird house vent cover, 
which is not installed yet because we are still using the fireplace indoors on cool mornings.
Colby loves the courtyard too, and we attach him to a long green lead that
we anchor in various spots, controlling where he can hang around.  
We will be spending a lot of time outdoors in this space, and it was worth the expense.
When I ordered it online, one reviewer mentioned it sells out early in the season,
so I got my order in promptly.  A few weeks later it went on sale for 20% off,
and the HD people gave me a credit for the sale price, which was awesome.
It also comes in a pretty spa blue color, but I stayed neutral 
choosing to add accents with throw pillows in Sunbrella.  
Check out the video about the courtyard, featuring an introduction
to the space with Matthew Mead on photo shoot day for his magazine,
(tip: click on the right hand corner icon to 
enlarge for watching full screen)
(It's on news stands now, as a gentle
reminder, published by Country Sampler. )
After the intro, you will be treated to the nitty gritty makings of this space
showing you small video clips that I took while hubs and sons were helping me,
and which I never intended to go public with...but they worked out well in this 
montage video.  After all, I had no idea Matthew Mead would love this space so
much that he wanted to shoot it, nor did I think it would ever grace a magazine cover!
You will see the disgusting plywood "shed" (that was literally falling apart) as it
is hoisted through the air from my mother-in-laws back yard to ours (we are neighbors).
You get to see sweaty me, shingling the shed, my son wearing a farmers sun hat to avoid the
scorching temps,  the general average ugliness of the space and how it came to be so 
fabulous.  Its inspiring, even to me, and I did the dang thing!!

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  1. We all make those decorating mishaps...thinking it is going to look wonderful and then something like the light making a fabric take on a different shade/color, etc is not what we envisioned...believe me, I would bring something home thinking it is going to be just fabulous and then the disappointment that it did not work out....Love your new outdoor furniture!...I have ordered craft room furniture from HD, the Martha Stewart collection and was not disappointed...well, except for the hubby when it came in a bazillion pieces! I LOVED the two are the cutest...and the birdhouse to disguise the vent is a magnificent idea...looks great! Have a great holiday weekend enjoying your beautiful backyard French oasis!


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