Friday, May 12, 2017

Pink Linen Curtains for my French Dining Room

 Perhaps I have been swayed by the popularity of blush pink in interiors this year.
It is a color that is everywhere these days....
Pink is a color I have always been attracted to, and yet it can be a bit much
in "regular" rooms, often relegated to babies rooms or young girls.  Maybe since 
I have a grand daughter on the way, this desire for more pink in my own house
was too much to ignore.
 Whatever the reason, I ordered a bolt of pink Irish linen to create
a pair of panels for the dining room windows.  I rolled out 3 yard increments
on the dining room table for each of the four panels.  These would not be lined,
yet simply hung with a straight stitched rod pocket and hemline.
 A french console with a pink marble top that used to be in my shop's foyer was installed between the pair of windows, underneath the venetian mirror.  Its a nice narrow display space for flowers, dishes, candles or whatever I want to highlight.  The pink looks pretty with the purple transferware collection.  Harkens back to my seventh grade bedroom, which as done in pink and purple with French provincial canopy bed.  The set was a little girl's dream,
 and I was lucky enough to have one at the age of 12.  
 We eat dinner in this room every night as a family, and most often we dine on placemats instead of a table cloth, as placemats are easier to launder.  I made a set of pink toile placemats about twelve years ago and they have stood up so well over time and repeated washings.  Sewing can really come in handy when you want specific styles in draperies, pillows, placemats, napkins and the like.  Sewing gives me the ability to showoff my personal style, and I won't see it anywhere else.
 A pair of antique gilded candlesticks from my blogging friend Cindy at Edith + Evelyn Vintage's etsy shop grace the French console.  She has many french accessories in her online shop.
I traded the candlesticks for some of my purple transferware with Cindy, which was really fun.
I am looking forward to seeing my old plates gracing her beautiful French home on her blog.
 My centerpiece is an antique garden trug that Matthew Mead gifted me.
I placed a pink gardening shovel in the trug that I found on our trip to Long Island.  
The shovel was about the only pink thing for sale at the White Flower Farmhouse shop.
This room's redecoration is a nod to spring and summer, 
and the lightheartedness these months bring to our daily living.  
Looking forward to the French doors opening to the courtyard, white wine and soft
summer breezes.  Centerpieces will be made up with cuttings from the garden pink roses.  
The pink draperies will get changed back to the grey after Labor Day, 
but until then, we will be in full spring and summer mode, here at Maison Decor.
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  1. Beautiful!! I looove the pink curtains! The chandelier is fantastic too, is it antique/vintage?

    1. Yes, I found it at a local auction, and it is a basket style, French Empire chandelier. Thank you!

    2. What a fantastic find! It is bee-you-tee-ful! :-) Have a happy weekend!

  2. I love your beautiful curtains! Great job. I love sewing too and wondered if you are able to share your source for the Irish linen? Thank you, Victoria

  3. Just beautiful Amy. I love the soft pink with the Lavender.


  4. I love the pink. It's the perfect touch of fresh and soft with summer. Love them very much! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  5. Just beautiful, Amy. I'm drawn to pink more this year, too and am wearing it quite a bit.

    1. It's a color I think is pretty, but it can overpower. However I'll enjoy them for awhile. Thanks Kim

  6. Ohhhh my goodness...I adore the pink draperies! Your home is always so beautiful, thank you for your inspiration and for sharing :)

  7. The curtains look fantastic. I just finished up making a bunch of curtains, and the fabric really makes a difference. Mine were 11 feet long, so I couldn't use widths. For some rooms, the fabric was slippery or stretchy, and that made for some tearing out of hair.
    FYI: in French they call this kind of chandelier "montgolfier," after the word for hot-air balloon, which in turn is named for the brothers who invented it. It does look like an upside-down hot air balloon! Also, the crystals are called pampilles, which I think sounds as pretty as its meaning.

  8. Lovely! I too have been looking for a good source for drapery linen. Share the source? Pink is so pretty and flattering to the skin, and I am sure this is like having pink lightbulbs when the light comes through them.

    1. It's from the and it's called Irish linen.

  9. How beautiful your dining room is. Love light pink against the gray walls which to me look so fresh and light especially for Spring/Summer. Love your purple transferware
    Still kicking myself for not buying some transferware when we lived in KY, much more available and affordable than where we live now.
    Was drooling looking at all your wonderful treasures.
    Don't know what I'd do if I couldn't make my own curtains, table runners, napkins, pillow covers for starters. Have been sewing since I was a kid, clothes - those big gathered skirts we wore in 50's, made lots of clothes for our 4 kids, 2 boys, 2 girls.
    Enjoy your new curtains. Where did you buy the Irish linen?
    Happy Mothers' Day

  10. beautiful!! When I was little my Mom always changed out the curtains. Summer was white ruffled voile and winter was a heavy type drapery fabric....usually a floral :)

  11. Love your spring/summer look! The pink is a lovely addition to your beautiful room. I know you will enjoy it so. Your pink toile placemats make me think that I need more toile in my life. Thanks for sharing your projects!

  12. your dining room is pretty in pink (and grey, and blue...), and I love that you already feeling inspired even before the granddaughter is born! I cannot imagine the excitement and anticipation as I am eager to be a granny--wonderful times ahead, beautiful blogger, and way to get them rolling. xox


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