Monday, July 8, 2019

A White Vinyl Arbor for the Roses

Something was missing.  Ever since last winter when a big windstorm
blew apart our old white wooden arbor, the entrance to the 
upper level where the garden shed sits seemed quite bare.
 Looking out our bedroom window you can best see the 
layout of the garden shed and the row of
arborvitaes that flanked the wooden arbor.
After a nasty storm blew it to bits hubs put two of the peacock
chairs at the entryway, one of which was used to prop up the 
climbing rose that was formerly on the arbor.
Anyway as time passed and spring and summer arrived, I felt the 
desire to rebuild or replace the broken arbor.
 After searching online and reading many reviews of vinyl arbors, 
I selected the Vienna Arbor by New England Arbors company. 
Vinyl can look cheesy and this one seemed to get very good reviews and it
looked fairly substantial. 
 This was definitely a two person job, and hubs took the lead in
assembling the thing, while I held onto various parts as he drilled the set screws.
 After about one hour we took the assembled arch and side posts out to the lawn.
 And then I spotted a big hornets nest right in the middle of one of the arborvitaes!!
 There were so many hornets going in and out and crawling all around the paper nest.
I was more than a little nervous we were going to get stung!
We positioned the arbor a bit further out from the hedge, than it originally sat,
so we could avoid disrupting the hornets to get the darn thing in place.
 The arbor comes with heavy duty inserts for each post leg that get buried below the earth.
You can also choose to put 2x4's inside the legs and set in cement, but we just buried them.
 Its quite nice! Not difficult to assemble if you have someone who is handy
with a drill gun. The screws are the self drilling type, which means you must
firmly push the drill without the screw flying off, and hubs was good at that.
And you need two people holding various parts as it all gets put together. 
 After we set it up, I trained the roses to it and stepped back to admire it!
This company has various styles of arbors in different sizes as well as pergolas and 
other outdoor accents.  This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a good product with you all.
Since we plan to move, the cost of doing this was acceptable and I won't shed a tear to leave it 
behind. Can you believe it was less than $200? And it arrived in just a couple of days!
This Vienna Arbor by New England Arbors was purchased on Amazon.
Easy Peasy!


  1. It looks great! We bought an Arbor and wing fencing from New England and will install it at some point this Summer. Ours is a bit different but the same company and style. Can't wait to have it in place ~ waiting for the rains to stop!


  2. The Hornets nest would have made me nervous. Hopefully they won't build a new one. Good thing the dogs didn't poke it and get stung.

    I can see from your photo the arbor was missed.


  3. That's a lovely arbor! So nice that Dave put another one up for you. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog. So good to be back. I will be going back to work but I hope it's a more manageable life style. I've been interviewing.

  4. Amy your new arch looks awesome! It is perfect there - and I looooove those trained roses on it! What a dreamy romantic look!

    I love your metal vintage chairs too.

    Enjoy the remainder of your summer - after July 4th it just goes so fast!


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