Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Lake Cottage, Garden and the 4th of July

The middle of the year is upon us! How fast winter turns to summer it seems.
Winter drags on and somehow summer seems to be in a rush, for us in New England.
The fourth of July is always a favorite holiday, centered around relaxing and cookouts
and easy celebrations. Decorating for the 4th is all about the flag, and I was excited to 
find this nostalgic and festive looking fabric that had both flags and roses.  The fabric is called Americana Summer Roses and can be found here at LilyOak's Spoonflower account.
I bought three yards to use as a tablecloth and can see this piece of fabric becoming a family
heirloom in the way that it will grace our tables on the 4th, Labor Day and Memorial Day for
years to come!  
Its so pretty with the rose wreaths and swirling flags, dotted by unexpected yellow roses.
I can even throw it over my wicker daybed in front of the cottage windows
to add holiday flair instead of using it as a tablecloth at the lake cottage.
Last weekend we all went up and did some cleaning and site work at the cottage
that suffered a lot of damage from last year's microburst storm.
Over the winter the critters find their way inside and its deflating to come back
and see the damage and filth that awaits....but I got a lot of work done inside while hubs
and son worked on the outside with the excavator clearing the trees and stumps and 
making the lot more pedestrian friendly.  The big logs are all gone now!
It will be at least one more year before we can build here, so we are preparing
to enjoy it as much as we can for these two short summer months.
Our son got his boat license and its going to be really fun having
 two boat operators at the ready for lake cruises and waterski adventures.
We even hung a flag down by the dock, anchoring it on a tree.
 Back at home our gardens are coming to full bloom, and that is 
another pleasure of our short summer season that I savor.
 Three years ago we installed this white picket fence with both privacy panels
and open pickets and its one of my favorite upgrades we have done to the house.
The inner area contains the dogs when they need to go in and out, and I've always felt
that a gate is an enchanting way to enter a property.
Along the outer fence there are some roses that are 
in their second year, and the star of the show is 
this abundant Fairy Rose.  I also have a few David Austin rose bushes,
but they are high maintenance compared to the hearty Fairy.
The clematis is in its third year and putting on quite a show right now!
Summer has Reeve enjoying the outdoor activities with me, and that includes
teaching her how to pull weeds (haha) and take little breaks in her kiddy pool.
She turned two last month and with that comes a lot more fun with her
being able to be a big girl helping her grammy.
Piper and Sylvia are ever present at our heels as we walk about the yard
doing our watering and weeding and planting. 
Life is the way it should be,
with the simple pleasures of family connections and 
always being mindful of our abundance.

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Oh, Amy! It is so much fun to see a post from you! Just LOOK at that baby and how big she is getting. Crazy, isn't it? My own 'littles' are all turning into 'bigs'--even the 'baby' just turned 5!
    That spot is going to be perfect for a cottage and I LOVE the 'family heirloom' material you found. Have a happy, wonderful 4th. xo Diana

  2. Oh my gosh I love that fabric! Hope you have a great weekend at the lake. Hate to hear that the cottage is a shambles. You had it fixed up so cute. I had tons of roses in May but they have all disappeared. They should bloom again when the weather cools.

  3. I love garden gates always have. Makes me thinking of beautiful blooms and family. Your yard is putting on a pretty show.

    The memories with Reeve and you will get better and better. Stronger connection will develop. All the baking, gardening and lake visits are a true blessing.

    Enjoy and Happy 4th🇱🇷


  4. Hi Amy,
    That is such a pretty fabric. What a great find. It certainly will be perfect for the patriotic holidays.

  5. I love that Fabric! Do you and Reeve wear the same outfit, or lack of, when gardening ? Just kidding. The roses are beautiful!

  6. The lake looks like such a fun summer place and look how cute that grand baby is in the buff!


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