Monday, July 22, 2019

Mixing Italian, French, Swedish decor and a glamorous gilded chest

 I've been in redecorating mode in the house, and it shouldn't
be a surprise but I have found more antiques with European roots.
The prettiest Florentine chest of drawers fell into my lap, so to speak.
 I often say that things find me, however in this case, I went looking
for some old gilded Florentine furniture.  Several years ago I had a shop that carried
 vintage European style decor and paint for furniture.  I was fortunate to meet
a wonderful gypsy girl picker.  She would come in unannounced, bringing
incredibly beautiful old things for me to purchase for my shop.
 Anyway, I reached out to her and asked her if she had any Florentine pieces...
and she said yes, she would send me some photos.
And here it is, sitting in all its gilded glory in our living room.
The large cherub candelabra lamp came back out of hiding and
took its spot on top of the chest of drawers.
A collection of mismatched lampshades gives 
it a little bit of quirky summer style. I imagined making a set of blue gingham 
lampshades for it, just like I had made for the candelabra in my dollhouse.
Life imitating art.  I love it!
 Redecorating mode has hit me full on this summer and I 
have been painting pieces and murals and editing the furniture.
A very soft and pretty yet old look is taking shape.
A bit Swedish inspired, and always French of course, and the bits of 
gilded Italian pieces have settled in together to create a room with a refreshed vibe.
 The oval back curbside French chairs are high on the to-do list.
Imagine them all around the table opposite the Swedish trundle bed.
Of course the Florentine chest wasn't the only piece I got from gypsy girl...
next time we meet here, you will see two yummy old and awesome wall cabinets.


  1. Amazing and can't wait to see the other pieces that will be joining the redecorating party.


  2. I love your new chest! I just got three Florentine trays from an auction and two boxes as well! One tray is pink, one is green, and one gold, all Florentine! I also have a set of three nesting tables. I love Florentine as well but do not see it often here in Indiana. I love your style Amy!

  3. I love how you painted the back of your dining chair!!! I have 2 Bergere chairs that I want to reupholster in linen, however I do not want to take apart the back of it and I think this would be a perfect solution! Thank you for this brilliant and beautiful Idea!

    1. I'm glad you can use this idea for your chairs!

  4. Such a pretty little chest! I love the backs of the chairs painted. I'm in the middle of learning a new 3D floorpan program. Ugh... I am tired of doing computer stuff. I want to do pretty stuff!


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