Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gustavian Inspired Pastoral Painted Secretary

Gustavian style is so pretty!
Gustavian is Swedish with a French influence, which began when
King Gustav III started hanging out in France with King Louis XIV.
Gustav went home and copied Louis but put the Swedish spin on things.
Hence "Gustvian" style was born. 
 I gravitate towards the Gustavian color palette of pale blue, white, grey
and cream and decided to paint some landscape scenes on the panels of the 
small secretary desk, that would capture the essence of Gustavian style.
 Pastoral scenery is so serene and pretty and I have been 
doing a series of pieces with these types of landscapes,
the secretary is the latest in my "Gustavian phase". 
Each drawer has raised borders and I painted landscapes inside
each one, followed by gilding the raised part.
I painted a French Maison on the drop leaf as a nod to 
my Petite French Maison Dollhouse. 
 I used the gold color wax by Jolie Paint, and it highlighted the scenes nicely.
The scenes were painted with many of the colors from
 Jolie Paint's serenity collection.
This is before gilding.  I was torn about whether or not 
to add the gilding, because this looked more like a simple 
country look which was pretty too.
 It came out beautifully and adds to the room.  
Oh, and did you notice the lilac colored sofa with fringe?  
It is a Scalamandre sofa. I lucked out at an estate sale and I love this thing! 
These sofas run in the thousands, and that is out of my budget, 
so thank heavens for estate sales and other people with great taste! 
It looks pretty with all of my purple transfer ware,
 including the lamps that I have in this room.

Off in the dining room you can see some of the other pieces in the
 Gustavian series that I have created.  And there will be more to come,
because that is how it goes when I get obsessed by something.


  1. Amy-That secretary is just gorgeous! You did a fantastic job painting it. It is perfect for your home. I can't BELIEVE that sofa!!! Only YOU would find a lavender sofa at an estate sale...and have it be affordable. Beautiful. Hope you are doing really well. xo Diana

    1. haha I know!! I felt really lucky and even hubs wanted the sofa so it was a win win!!

  2. I haven't seen the sofa completely before and it's fantastic. Diana is right on with you finding it. I like the touch of gilding. I think it adds that extra touch.


  3. Beautiful, atmospheric interior.

  4. Amy, you did a remarkable job painting that beautiful piece! And you are soooo right about how perfect your new-to-you lavender sofa is perfect!


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