Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greige Paint and Purple Transferware

The new paint is on the walls in the dining room. 
I am quite happy with the soft neutral color. 
If you are looking for a grey that isn't too icy
 and want more than a taupe color, this may work for you.
I also had two french style pieces that I added to the room.
A bombe style chest that holds all of my linens.
It has a serpentine front and carved details.
There is a crackle finish with antique silver highlights.
Incorporating my purple transferware 
collection proved to be difficult in the past.
I wanted to showcase this collection, 
but I don't want it to dominate the room.
The soft wall color makes this collection work 
beautifully with the other colors in the room,
 which is the french blue on the chairs,
 and the soft pastels in the carpet.
There is balance.
 I am waiting on three pieces
 I ordered from Nancy's Daily Dish! 
Her incredible shop is on my sidebar.
When they arrive this composition will be altered.
I'm even playing around with 
my ugly chandy with crystals and ribbons.
The other piece of furniture I added
 is the french provincial china cabinet 
that I got a long time ago. 
I used to live in a small duplex
 and my bedroom had no closet,
so I bought this at a local antique shop 
and had it painted to match my dresser.
It used to be yellow. 
The interior still has the original paint color.
This cabinet holds oodles of dishes and glassware!
A closeup of the details are below...
It has the silver highlights like the chest.

I have an entire set of old Limoges china in white 
with a lavendar flower and green vine for the border.
It is stored in here along with my other treasures.
The room is coming along but not ready for the final reveal.
I have some more work to do. 
I have to hang up the rest of my purple transferware from Nancy...
play around with my window treatments.....
then I can share my dining room with you!
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