Monday, November 29, 2010

Feather Tree Obsession

A classic feather tree.
I want one.
You can decorate it however you want,
and for all seasons.
Colors, especially pastels, look fabulous on this tree.
A country theme of paper doves and a pail receptacle.
Silver balls decorate a silver tinsel feather tree.
I love this  tree sitting in an urn with a huge blue bow.
Cute idea for a buffet table: 
Hang pizzelle candy cones from
a feather tree's branches.
Not a feather tree but I might put mine
 inside a champagne bucket like this!
This is a variation on feather trees in colors.
Martha Stewart sets up 
a feather tree display dripping in icicles.
It looks gorgeous! 
Feather trees are Martha's favorite.
Martha sells a feather tree through Macys, pictured above.
I think its $60 for a 24" tree.
I found my 24" Martha Stewart feather tree on Ebay! 
It will be here within one to two weeks....yippee!
Enough time for me to enjoy it.
It comes with the Martha Stewart ornaments too. 
 I only paid $15 for it, so that was a score.
 I think the picture was a bad one so no one bid on it, 
because there was another one that was going over $55
 and there were 10 hours left on the bidding. 
So if you want a feather tree, 
or even vintage bottle brush trees like these, 
hit Ebay and look closely..
you might just get lucky too.

Images courtesy of
 Country Living, Martha Stewart and Google Images.


  1. Lucky you ! What a deal !
    I want one too , I have always admired them.
    enjoy !

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on finding yours on ebay!! I got my Martha trees when she was selling them through that 'k' store she was affiliated with a few years ago...before she went over to Macys. It came with some darling little green and cream ornaments to make it pretty~but I don't always use those... just depends on the mood! :) The feather trees there were much better priced there than Macys for sure~ but your ebay score is a SUPER DEAL!! Can't wait to see it all decked out in your house!

  3. Great find on ebay. I love feather trees too and mine is several years old.
    They are so much fun to place in every room.


  4. Look at that! You didn't even have to leave the house!! Nice score, can't wait to see it all done up! Feel better soon!

  5. Love your tree, it's always great to find something you love online. I have a few feather trees, they showcase ornaments so beautifully, don't they?
    xo Lidy

  6. Hi Amy - Feather trees are lovely indeed! I can't wait to see yours. I'm sure you'll have it decked out all pretty.

  7. I've always been attracted to feather trees but I think my cats will be equally attracted to them too. They're a perfect way to display a collection of ornaments.


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