Monday, November 15, 2010

Dining Room Projects Continue

My purple transferware collection has been hung!
I like how it looks against the greige paint.
I ordered three new pieces from Nancy at the Daily Dish.
Two of them have lake front homes and 
one is circled with blueberry bushes.
We are selling our lake house this week
 and it has 90 blueberry bushes.
We are going to miss it very much, so this plate
 will be a fond reminder of the home we loved.
This is my blueberry lake platter.
Nancy gave me the little dish as a bonus gift!
She also made me a teacup tassel ornament
out of a purple teacup! 
My other project this weekend:
I gave the bombe chest and
tall china cabinet a greyish/white wash.
This finish looks a lot nicer with the grey/white walls.
Originally I planned to hang the transferware
 above the chest but as we all know
the best laid plans are subject to change~always!
This small carved shelf will be fun to
 accessorize with tea lights for parties
or touches of seasonal decorations.
 I added purple crystal trim to the lampshades.
I am still waiting on the new chandy to be hung.
It had a black finish in my NH kitchen.
I sprayed it white and added strands of 
real crystal chandelier ropes to give it some sparkle.
Its patiently waiting in the living room
to be hung by Mr. Maison Decor.
I'm going to poke holes in the top curled leaves and hang some 
old prisms there as well!
You can see it sitting on my rush bench coffee table.
He promised me it will be up this week!!
There is the old chandy...ugh.
The china cabinet has been whitewashed too.
These two pieces were very golden brown before.
They look Gustavian with their new wash.
I plan on wallpapering the inside with some vintage wallpaper....
The yellow walls in the living room maybe going soon too...
For now I am pleased with the progress 
I have made in the dining room.
I love the transferware and the painted chests.
I am still pondering the window treatments..
Can you imagine a gentle grey chintz
with icy pink, purple and blue flowers dancing?
Or perhaps a tiny vintage floral stripe with a huge ruffled skirt?
Or icy pink silk? Or blue and white window pane plaid silk?
And as soon as my refurbished chandy
 goes up you all will be hearing about it!!
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  1. Looks beautiful Amy , you did a good job , and the chandy will be perfect !

  2. Love all the changes you are making! The purple transferware plates are wonderful and look beautiful hung in your dining room!!! Everything looks just gorgeous......can't wait to see the new chandelier hung!

  3. Your dining room is coming together beautifully!

  4. Love it inspiring!

  5. Oh, my goodness! I love this! I have a wall in a room that I want to do this. I have a mirror and some plates and now I know I want to do this, thanks to you! Your home is so lovely.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Amy, One of my favorite ways for hanging plates and platters is to create a frame around a mirror or photo, as you have done. This looks fabulous!
    I love the entire room and can't wait to see your chandelier and what you do with window treatments. I'm sure it will all be gorgeous!


  7. Hi Amy, I'm loving what you're doing so far. Love the greige walls. It's funny, I had yellow walls in my house and ended up painting them too. That bombe chest is too die for and I love the washed look you gave it and your display cabinet. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with the windows! take care, Maryann

  8. I love the... no I love all the things you did to your home! Complimenti!.. thinking about the greige or grey walls to > but can't decide yet... We'll see :-)

  9. I am in love with every last detail of this post!

    Take care,

  10. My, what a beautiful room! I have been reading the French Inspired Home and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the window treatments on page 16-17. I could see that style in your room. But, I know whatever you choose will be divine!

  11. Hmmmm, window treatments... have you considered pulling the copper tones out of the rug? Copper next to the purple transferware would be a nice complement and be warm...

    I am simply CRAZY in love with that old greyish painted chest combination with the plates on the wall and the pillows - the beadboard... LOVE the combo. I just inherited a very very old antique chest that I placed under a collage of red transferware plates in my family room! My chest is dark though and I can't paint it because it would de-value it. But I definitely need to beef up my transferware collection on that wall because now that I've added the big chest, just 3 plates looks pretty wimpy next to it! Mine has a bowed top, but I was considering folding a throw blanket and an extra pillow to stack on top right in the middle for some texture and cozyness to my new corner. Thanks for the inspiration! Great post. Yes, the only thing out of place in the room now is that light fixture! Crack the whip! Looking forward to seeing the next step ;)


  12. Those plates look really good hung. Nice to see a different color transferware.

  13. Your Bombay chest is STUNNING with the white wash. I love it. Your cabinet hutch is so pretty too. Everything you touch or show us is. I love the sentimental thought behind your latest transferware purchase. It certainly is lovely, Amy. (Love those two tie pillows on the chest, too.)

    Hugs to you,

  14. Everything looks lovely! Look forward to seeing it all with the chandelier. Right now, the soft white sheers look nice, light and airy and will also look good with your chandelier; just depends on if you want more color. Love your plates.
    ~ Julie

  15. What a beautiful blog! thanks for stopping by to say hi to me and now I'm following you! Happy decorating, Christie

  16. Oh Amy...what beautiful colors...the set of purple dishes is just perfect with your greige furniture and walls. Love the detail on the chest and that dining table is gorgeous too!

  17. Hi Amy~ I love your purple transferware on the wall- makes a stunning display and the china cabinet is perfect in it's whitewash!! Can't wait to see it all finished with the paper inside! :)

  18. I love the color of the walls with the purple transferware! This color is definitely a winner!

  19. Amy, your dining room is looking fantastic! You've got it all terrificly white!! Love the chandelier... beautiful!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving my friend! :)

  20. Lovely room.. and that transferware collection is amazing! Love the unusual colour. Sooo perfect just the way you've displayed it all.



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