Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Story of the White Chandelier

The dining room chandelier has been installed!
This was the original fixture...
(I admit I detested this light fixture).
This chandy brought nothing to the party.
Its so airy and light,  I love it!
Isn't she a beauty?
Well "she" used to be a "he chandelier....
Here is the same chandelier I bought for my NH kitchen.
I saw it in a window of an antique shop. 
It had an antique brass finish, 
but I wanted a wrought iron chandy 
so I had Mr. Maison Decor spray paint it in matte black.
Here it has happily hung for almost 4 years.
However we just sold our NH house
 so I had new plans for this baby.
I spray painted it white and then 
had hubs drill tiny holes in the upper leaves.
This was a two person job to hold
 the iron curled leaf out so he could get it at the tip.
Then I added crystals from various lamps and sconces.
The long crystal drops came from a lamp at the NH dump~FREE!
I added these to the bottom tier of leaves (iron curls at top).
For the top tier I mixed two styles of crystal drops.

This ring sat on a lamp and it had 8 perfect crystal drops.
I had some pink and purple prisms but decided against them
as it looked so pretty white with only crystal.
I draped some chandy strands that I took off 
of my office chandelier through the "leaves" 
that are on each candle holder.
This chandelier is more than I hoped it would be!
I set the table for the celebration.
 A pair of martini glasses and pitcher await the 5 o'clock hour.
Pale blues and pinks mingle with the whites and greys.
Cheers to my White Chandelier!
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  1. ~~*~*LOVE it!! It looks so beautiful!Great job~*~* Hugs, Rachel~*~**~

  2. Worth the wait , it looks wonderfull !

  3. Now that is recycling! Great job, wonderful lamp!

  4. Hi Amy, it looks absolutely gorgeous! Love what you are doing with this room. So light and fresh! Have to say the curtains look nice as they are and add a touch of romance.. that's my opinion anyway.. take care, Maryann

  5. It looks wonderful! How fun you could make it over again for this house.

  6. LOVE IT!! It makes it a real treasure.
    Miss you beautiful one!
    Talk soon & Enjoy your week.
    Joelle xoxo

  7. *Raises glass to fellow upcycler. Great job!

  8. That is such a pretty chandelier! Your space is very romantic and pretty.


    p.s. I recently bought a table and chairs and immediately regretted it, until I saw the colors in your dining room. I really like your blue and white combination.

  9. Yay! You got your chandelier hung! It looks perfect. And I like all the changes to made. I'm not sure you can have too many crystals!
    Looks beautiful!

  10. That looks great. Great idea adding the crystals to it.

  11. Yippee! It looks fabulous and I love the bit of sparkle you gave him...umm...I mean her.

  12. Great transformation--the dump!! Man I wish we had a dump like that!

  13. Charming and adds to the already beautiful room! Thanks for sharing. Terry

  14. Oh dear... that old fixture really did have to go. It reminded me of a flying saucer from outer space... the new one is elegant, love the bling that your hubby poked holes for! My favorite spot in that whole room is that gorgeous chest in the corner - the whole seating area you've created with the pillows and the wall collages etc - really makes it look like a window seat (at first glance)!

    What will your next project be? You're faster than me - I've been trying to get to my paint cans, but first I had to clean the utility room to get to them! Now... I can paint... tomorrow - but will I finish in time to join you in on some of these fabulous parties? I hope so, hoping to take down and replace curtains too! I'm determined! Keep up the good work and I'll keep following you :)

  15. Yeah, the chandy is up... and it looks perfect! I actually didn't think the old fixture was bad, but your new one makes so much more of a statement and the scale is much better. I love what you did to it as it looks like a totally different fixture. That is one beautiful room.

  16. I love your chandelier!!It looks gorgeous.


  17. This chandy is perfect for your dining room! I love that you added the crystal drops. Beautiful!
    Hugs, Sherry

  18. It looks beautiful white!!!! I love the color of your chairs too! Thanks for visiting today and following along... I have been following you for quite some time!!! Happy Friday!

  19. How beautiful! You did a great job in transforming it with white paint and pretty crystals. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Amy, that is one pretty chandy! love it even more when you painted it white and fit perfectly to your dining room! with all the crystals.. lovely!

  21. Oh Amy it is just gorgeous! I love it in white and draped in all those beautiful crystals!! It really does look absolutely amazing in your dining room & I cannot believe you found crystals at the dump!!! Who would throw them out!? Craziness~ but in a good way for you!! I'm going to have to start making a stop at the dump on my thrift store route! LOL! :)

  22. That is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it!! Soooooo much better than the old fixture. You were right to hate it! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Wow... what an unusual and cool piece to start with and you just made it totally rock. Very lovely!


  24. I thought that chandy looked familiar! Looks beautiful in white with crystals!

  25. Beautiful, I love the transformation and all the pretty crystals. What a beautiful space you have!!

  26. Hi Amy,
    I absolutely love your new chandelier. I have been thinking of giving my chandelier a makeover. This is definitely my inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day.


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