Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect French Wall Color

The color of Rachell Ashwell's dining room 
is an atmospheric greige..
that perfect blend between beige and grey.
She has it in her home office.
 Paired with white trim this color is warm, 
but lets the object in the room hold your attention.
How pretty the pinks and soft blues look with this wonderful color.
I love the color of her work table, don't you?
Rachell also painted her ceiling pale pink.
This color is also used in the cover shot of my book giveaway.
Its chalky, beigey, greyish, with green undertones.
I am painting my dining room this color as we speak!
Soon the rest of my walls may follow.
I'll be showing off the results this week.
So what color is this wall?
To achieve this look I used
 Benjamin Moore Natural Elements #1515.
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