Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 Very feminine, very french and quite enchanting!
 Rusticly delicious and oh so enchanting!
Simplicity never felt so enchanting
Nothing more enchanting than this baby blue linen closet
An enchanting Habbersham kitchen in distressed grey
Why all this talk of Enchantment?
All of these images came from The Enchanted Home,
and today I am being featured at Tina's blog on her 
so please come on over!

Tina started her blog 4 months after I did and eventually we found each other.
So glad we did!
The world of blogging can be enchanting, 
and if you haven't had the pleasure of ever checking out Tina's blog,
let me say it is pure design porn!
So, Tina darling~I raise my glass to you and your bunch of elves.
(You do have elves helping you don't you?)
How you find so many wonderful images
and stitch them together for our 
recreational and educational viewing pleasure
is  why I find visiting your blog so ....


  1. I want that linen closet! Stunning!!!!!

  2. Wow ~ those pictures are gorgeous, Amy! Thanks for the introduction, I'll be visiting today!

  3. Amy,
    I am sure you would be a great attorney, but I am glad you are a designer the one who has a such a impact peoples world eventhough they never met you personally.
    Your whites, grays, blues are making my life more colorful than ever.
    I have just named my style with your blogs help(after years...) and now I can not wait every morning working my projects even with my two young sons at home :)))
    Thank You

  4. Hi Amy,
    It is all very enchanting! I shall have to pay a visit.


  5. Amy, love the photos.... and the closet is my favorite....have a great day


  6. Knew these photos were familiar. I love her blog and love the progress of that mansion they are building.

  7. Meh! I definitely have linen closet envy now! That is so, so pretty!!! :D

  8. Gorgeous....I'll go right over.... I love her blog too.

  9. amy~these photos are just gorgeous. that swedish clock is calling out to me! :) chris

  10. Amy, I read your interview! That was so fun finding out interesting things about you. You thought about becoming a lawyer!? I checked out her blog too... it's cool as anything! Can't wait to look around some more. There was this one stone house she featured that was incredible... whoa! And your little chalk paint hutch looked so gorgeous featured alongside all those other bloggers beautiful interiors !


  11. Hi found you through Enchanted home, so glad to find your pretty blog. I can see its the style I enjoy seeing so this is a great find for me. I really enjoyed your interview and share many of your ideas, it was so nicely done and a great way to learn more about people. The pictures above are all so pretty too.
    Thank you-

  12. hi Amy!
    Loved Tina's post- It was so fun to read more about you!! Now, how in the world did I miss that you were Boston?! We're neighbors!!


  13. I love the enchanting photos. Very inspirational.

  14. Those are beautiful pictures for sure! I love {and would practically die for} that lovely blue closet! {sigh}

    And how exciting to be featured at The Enchanted Home! I will definitely be over to see your feature and say hello to Tina! Thanks for letting us know about her blog! :)


  15. So happy to have found your beautiful blog through enchanted home. I look forward to exploring more here, wonderful pictures and a fantastic interview as well.
    Thank you!

  16. Your a hoot!
    And So... Enchanting!
    You know I love ya and all of your crazy fun projects!
    And I have to agree....I need one of those baby blue linen closets...hmmm just where could I have one built?
    Hugs from here!

  17. Amy....thanks for the lovely mention above! It was so my pleasure to feature you, love coming here and I can tell we would be good friends if we lived near each other, just another perk of blogging, meeting so many great people.
    Your talents, energy and kindness know no bounds and it obvious you have legions of fans who think the same!

  18. The first and third images made my mouth water!! Yummy!

  19. What a beautiful kitchen! I remember seeing something familiar at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I fell in love instantly!!


  20. Hi Amy! Just hopped over here from Tina's and what a treat! beautiful photos and loved reading your interview! I am from New England myself and hope to go back to live there someday.I use to go camping in NOrth Conway years ago. Think I need a little more luxury now, but I remember how beautiful it was!
    This has been truly enchanting! Looking forward to visiting you soon!


  21. Oh thank you for saying burlap is overrated!!!! I have been afraid to say it. I see everyone making table runners,furniture, etc. with burlap and it kills me. I grew up playing in the outbuildings on the cousin's farm. We used burlap sacks for curtains, beds, etc. playing house. It is itchy, hot and collects dust. It belongs in the outbuildings!

  22. Oh how I am drooling over that blue linen closet and grandfather clock. Yes, everything is very enchanting. I am headed right over to check out your friend, Tina's blog now.

  23. I have been following Tina and the building of THAT MANSION for many months and love seeing it coming together. Besides the fact that she is so sweet. I will be YOUR newest follower. XO, Pinky

  24. Amy, Had to come back after visiting Tina's blog and tell you what a good laugh I had. Just had to let you know that I just hung burlap curtains in my family room. They have smocking at the top and that's what sold me on them. I too think that burlap is over rated and trendy. I know that I will tire of them after a while. For now, I am loving them. It's o.k. I still love having you as my blogging friend Everytime I look at them I will think of you and smile.

  25. Amy, what a perfect post for the day you are featured on Tina's blog. I'm so glad I got to learn more about you....it was a great interview!

  26. All of these pics remind me of your beautiful home....they are so YOU!


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