Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medieval Chandy gets the Belgian look

This chandy has enchanted me with its new look!
I couldn't wait another minute to make this
 baby over and then share the results.
After reading your suggestions I went with a pale grey.
I mixed up 50% old white and paris grey chalk paints 
and painted the entire chandy with the exception
 of the candle sleeves which are just old white.
I finished it off with a whisper of gilding.
A big project, but one that I was excited to do once I had a vision.
I never thought of doing a grey color until Nita from 
Mod Vintage Life mentioned this color.
And Carolyn at Sweet Chaos brought up the
 weathered Restoration Hardware look.
That is a whole line that is Belgian inspired and 
makes sense with the wooden beads.
Kathy at Creative Home Expressions saw it in grey and
 Ms. Mickey saw it in a combination of  Paris Grey and Old white.
White Iron Stone Cottage saw it being a pale grey, 
and suddenly I did too!
I wanted to add the mystery of a luxe life from yesteryear
 so I added a touch of gold.
(I still have to finish painting the entire 14" long chain and wire.)
When all lit up, the effect was quite magical!
I plan to add this to my Etsy shop,
even though it is hard when you fall in love along the way~
still I will list it and see if someone loves it as much as I do.
This example of Belgian design is how I came to envision
 the chandelier once I got all of your visions.
The weathered grey wood and metals are so beautiful.
My chandy could be something you might find in the pages of 
the Restoration Hardware catalogue or on display in their store.
Thanks for all of the input and lighting a spark for me
to recreate this chandelier ~Maison Decor style.
I am in love!
(Note: This sold in my Etsy shop on the first day!)

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