Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tin Stamped Wallpaper

If you ever wanted the easy way out on getting the look of a tin stamped ceiling, 
you could try doing what I did by using a wallpaper that is trompe l'oeil style.
When I used this wallpaper to do my laundry room ceiling from an online vendor,
and then blogged about it~ it promptly sold out!
The good news is that they contacted me to say they have another case in stock.
Anyone who wants some in this colorway, 
which is in creamy ivory, beige and taupe
should contact D. Marie Interiors and order what you need quickly!
You will even see this image from my blog on their website, which is pretty cool.
For the record, I am not being paid or compensated~
just passing along some information to my readers.

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