Monday, July 11, 2011

Kitchen Adjustments~More White

 A few changes in the kitchen~
I painted the vintage light fixture white, as well as the chain swag. 
You can see the before here,
 and the rusty was shabby, but maybe not so chic. 
 A brushing of Old White chalk paint took care of the original rusty patina.
It looks more in line with the window shelf brackets
that are vintage iron and were painted with the Old White too.
Did you notice I started to REPAINT my lower cabs back to Old White?
 ARgh. I was inspired by a Habbersham kitchen in a rustic grey wash, 
but my kitchen is too dark, so back to white.
Look at how much brighter it is. I hope I can
grit my teeth and get these lowers done by this week.
This little dark kitchen needs all the brightness it can get.
Along those lines of thinking, the other area I fooled around with 
was the "kind of in the kitchen kind of in the hallway" area. 
 A large mirror is here now,
 instead of the small cute arched window mirror. 
This big mirror bounces the light around and magnifies the space.

This kitchen/hall table is where Mr. MD empties his pockets at the end of the day.
I found a white mail organizer for the crazy amounts
 of pieces of paper that comes out of his pants.
Now I just shove it all in the organizer,
 and when he asks if I have seen a 
Home Depot slip or whatever, 
I know right where to look.
Yup, it is right in that tidy little box.
 Don't you feel so much better when stuff isn't littering your countertops?
Little changes in our little kitchen!
More white = more bright and light!


  1. oh i love what you have done. your home is so lovely.....i especially like the vintage lighting you've redone in the pretty! oxox, tracie

  2. Looks so pretty, Amy! I agree with Tracie - love the way you did the light fixture.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. I love it!!!
    I have been thinking really hard about painting my bottom cabinets grey...yours look so good, but now you are repainting...aghhhh, now I am

  4. Hi Amy,
    I think that you are right to paint the lower cabinets. It does brighten up your kitchen. But, regardless of painting them or not, I still think your kitchen is very pretty.

    I really like the addition of the large mirror in the hallway area. It's perfect.


  5. Amy I love the lights and the chain painted white
    I have found it actually has helped me to take pictures of my rooms to see what pops out at me
    LOL My husband gets worried when I grab the camera now

  6. It looks great and not dark at all! If I know you, those lower cabinets will be painted by Wednesdy :)

  7. Love the reflection in that larger mirror, Amy! It's funny you mentioned the bottom cabinets, because I was thinking how nice the cabinets looked in the very first photo and went back and realized I was admiring the top portion {since that was what I saw first}! I think it will look great in the white.

  8. I love the light fixture in white. I understand about dark kitchens all to well. Does the chalk paint hold up well for cabinets?

  9. Ooo, I LOVE the light fixture painted white!! Looks really nice!! You're just like me with your kitchen cupboards. I can't seem to make up my mind what I want to do with mine! :S Yours look really great though. I was tempted to do mine grey also. Maybe I should just stick with the old white. :O)

  10. What a gorgeous kitchen- I love all your decorating accents too

  11. Hi Amy,
    Thank you for your visit to my French home. I value your beautiful comments and am always inspired with the beauty you create.
    The large mirror you replaced in place of the window mirror was a great design move! I love the euro chic feel it gives to the space.

    Amy its always a surprise when I visit, you have so many new changes going on adding to your cottage chic charm.

    Thank you Amy for your support in all that I create!!
    see you soon my sweet friend :)


  12. I like the light fixture painted so much more. I thought the grey cabinets were good...but perhaps not quite dark enough at least in photos...they looked a little too similar in color. I think you are right the all white is they way to always looks good and I think looks better with your counter tops. I love all of your kitchen. The big mirror is really good too.

  13. Everything looks so pretty and I love what you did with the lamp. I am going to try that in my dining room. My light is not directly over our table and that always bug me. Now this will work.

  14. Your light looks great painted white! My kitchen is a little dark too. It is in the center of the house. My dream home would be a kitchen on an outside wall with a huge bay window over the sink where I could grow herbs in the winter.

  15. The light fixture looks much better painted! How do you have the time to already re-paint the bottom cabinets?! I haven't finished mine yet.... the first round :) and we were painting at the same time! I have a catch-all area for stuff too, can't stand clutter and having to hunt for receipts and such!

  16. It's amazing what a simple coat of paint can do. The light fixture is so much cuter white. Love your entire kitchen. Also love your metal trays. I thought that the original mirror was so sweet, but the new larger one is a nice change. It's fun switching things out now and then. Love the catch all area for hubby.

  17. Oh Yeah... I'm really loving the white. Painting the chain really made a difference. Isn't that interesting how that little change, ties it all together. And, the big mirror is so cool the way it reflects back the whole kitchen making the room bigger and brighter... it's like you have 2 windows in the kitchen now, and two big beautiful bouquets of hydrangeas!


  18. I love what white does for a room! You have some beautiful touches in your rooms. Love the metal brackets! Looks like we have a new follower gadget. Hope it stays up and running. (Is that being too negative?) I found out after a year of blogging that following privately is like not following at all! I'm a new follower!

  19. So pretty Amy! The light fixture looks great. Still loving what you did above the sink too. Nancy

  20. hi Amy as usual your home is so charming! I really like the larger mirror reflecting your room. thanks for stopping by to say hi, I always enjoy hearing from you! XO Christie

  21. The light fixture looks great white but oh that must have been tedius painting all those links!
    The white looks so much brighter...I agree with you!!

  22. Your kitchen looks beautiful, Amy!

  23. The light chains look great painted white as do all your other touches.


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