Monday, July 18, 2011

New Hampshire Cottage Diary

 Enjoying a quick get away to our favorite state~New Hampshire!
We are staying in a  cottage on a small lake for some R&R.
Sitting on the dock enjoying the lake is so enjoyable. 
We will be doing a little antiquing while we are here, 
including a trip to White Home Collections
 (a favorite antique coop of Mathew Mead).
 We also picked up a bike for me at Walmart 
so we can all go on bike rides together.
 I haven't ridden a bike since high school! 
We went on our first adventure and it was 
all uphill until our destination~the ice cream stand!
Then a breeze flying down the road back to the cottage. 
I did enjoy it and hope to get the gams in shape by doing this on a regular basis.
 Corn on the cob shucking going on while hubs and SS (stepson)
 are out on the floating raft anchored off the shore. 
Our little guy impressed us by swimming out to it without drowning. 
Gotta get dinner started!
Pour a glass of wine and get the grill started.
Bikes, towels, dogs, picnic table, boats and canoes ~
and the American flag.
 SS swims back to the cottage while his dad watches him~
these are the moments that make summer memories.
 Moments like these~catching fish in a your new Walmart net!
 Hurrying to put them back in the lake so they don't die.
And then try to catch them again.
 Our little cottage has clumps of daisies growing outside.
 And some silver birch trees,
 which are a trademark to the state of New Hampshire.
We picked this cottage because they allow dogs, 
and we don't go anywhere without Dillon and Tobey!
Tobey was so anxious when we first arrived but he has totally chilled.
He had a few swims in the lake, against his wishes, 
but he sure felt good afterwards.
This little cottage is filled with the kind of vintage furniture 
a lot of us bloggers find and paint white and then blog about.
This little set is right by the window and I do my blogging from here.
Hubs caught me blogging in deep repose here~
with Dillon at my feet and his wet bathing suit hung behind me.
The perfect family summer vacation for us.


  1. Sigh....looks ideal! Enjoy yourselves!~Hugs, Patti

  2. Oh it looks perfect. I love it. Have a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

  3. Looks like an ideal spot. Dillon seems to be enjoying himself. Tobey too. Have a great vacation.

  4. That photo of Toby sound asleep with his face on the doggie bed made me laugh out loud... funny.
    And sigh... how nice to be able to sit by that window with the view of the water, there is something so therapeutic about being around big bodies of water.


  5. Looks like you're having a wonderful time. I love my summer weekends on Seneca Lake. Didn't you own a home on the lake or am I thinking of another blogger? Enjoy the rest of your time!

  6. Hello Amy: Our second home is on a NH lake; it is so nice to have a place to come to and unwind.. we never tire of it. I think that Tobey has adapted to 'vacation mode' quite nicely. Enjoy your vacation! Cindy

  7. Hi Amy,
    You are a blogging nut! Blogging while on vacation....atta girl!!!

    I love the lake cottage. It looks so relaxing and fun. I'd love to take a trip just to unwind. Glad to see you take your fur babies with you.


  8. What a charming place to escape too. muchly jealous.

    ♥, Ette

  9. This looks like a perfect place to relax. What a beautiful place. I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation. Katharine


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