Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feminine Style

 Flipping through the latest issue of Romantic Country
I spotted a very pretty room that seemed familiar.
When I stopped looking at the image and 
began to read the article, I knew why it was familiar!
Photo by Andy Holzman
It was the living room of Annette Tatum,
 the designer and author of The Well Dressed Home~
a book I bought last year and love.
 One of my favorite rooms in the book was Annette's living room 
with pink slipcovers and wallpapered bookcases. 
 But something seemed different~so I got my copy of the book and compared
what changes Annette has made in the room since her book was published.
 Annette Tatum~in front of her inspiration wall. 
I share her love of pink and feminine styling.
Just like the rest of us do, it was fun to see that
 even  big designers tweak their rooms over time.
 This is the living room shown in her book. 
She has the famous pink linen slipcovers  with the tiny ruffles, 
as well as a pair of floral slipper chairs, 
a pink moroccan pouf, a large linen ottoman, 
and pink floral wallpapered bookcases.
 In the magazine she has changed the 
pink background wallpaper for a cream background wallpaper~
a slight change, but one I think is an improvement.
I love looking at how she styles her shelves.
She also eliminated the floral chairs to create more open space. 
 The large ottoman is gone as well as the pouf. 
A small round pink upholstered ottoman serves
 as the coffee table and a gilded french wingback chair 
replaces the pair larger slipper chairs for additional seating.
I am crazy in love with this room!
 Here is the right side of the room, with both images so you can compare her changes.
 The left side of the room with the before and current room images.
 Her mantle got a few subtle changes as well~
a less ornate picture frame, a few pastel tchotchkes 
 and that wonderful french gilded tole floral piece.
The image of the old mantel arrangement.
This is Annette's book and it is loaded with inspirational pictures
 and advice on how to find your own personal style in home decor. 
I am what she would categorize as "Casual Romantic"~
that is the stamp she put on this room! And I love it...
so this is leading me to consider wallpapering
 my own bookcases in a faded out floral.
The fabric you see under Annette's book is one
 that I ordered a few months ago with the
 purpose of covering the backs of the bookcases. 
However when I put a sample up, it was way too busy.
So I am looking for just the right wallpaper.
It would have to be very faded looking
 and in just the right pastel colors.
 I have an email into Annette to find out if her 
bookcases were done in fabric or paper.
 I'll keep you posted!

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  1. I can see it in your living room, Amy! Keen eye there picking up on those little differences. I don't know that I would have noticed the difference in the bookcase backs. I like the furniture she presently has there over the previous.

  2. Wonderful inspiration and your living room is just as fabulous!

  3. I remember seeing them photos, i fell in love with her home, love love the pink !!! im actually looking for a better fabric for my chair, i need more of a linen look.. have some samples on order. Have a wonderful day !!!

  4. Isn't it funny how are memories can store such details?!! Fab pics. Just gorgeous.

  5. Yes, I have seen this room before. I definitely can see your room taking on this look. I love the pink linen slips so much. I always wanted that book but never got around to getting it. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. It is great to see that designers change things up just like we do. I can definitely see where you have gotten your inspiration from. Your room is coming together just beautifully.

  7. Ohhhh, that was fun. I love the pink slipcovers... and i loved her faded floral chairs in the before, but it did seem a little crowded. I like the bigger, "before" ottoman the best, and i like the "now" mantel better.
    I don't really get the whole Poof thing..
    good luck finding faded wallpaper for your bookcases, i think i'm gonna go look online for some with you!


  8. Gorgeous rooms and I love the faded floral background idea for your bookcases!~Hugs, Patti

  9. Amy,
    Your livingroom is very much like hers. When I saw the picture I immediately thought of yours.
    Your bookcases will look very pretty wallpapered in a floral.


  10. I was admiring her house in Romantic Country over the weekend. I need to look out for her book, too. Great post!

  11. Her home is beautiful and yours is equally gorgeous.

  12. Gorgeous! I love her stuff too. And, I featured Christie Repassy, the artist, who was also featured in the same magazine. I can't wait to see what material you find! xo Diana

  13. You have me sold on the book...I remember you writing about it before. You are certainly following in here style and I think your living room is just as pretty!


  14. Your own living room is so beautiful! Totally magazine worthy, Amy! The book looks wonderful, am going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing and for your sooo sweet comment, don't "know' you but count you as a treasured and special "blog friend" and hopefully one day we will actually meet!!

  15. That is why your home is so gorgeous ... and you know why. Because you have an amazing gift of the details and the amazing ability of describing it to people like me that do not have the talent.
    I would not have noticed what you did in the photo's. Love her home Love your homee
    Overall wonderful post!
    Have a Pretty day!

  16. I can't believe how much your living room looks like hers! Both are just perfect. I hadn't heard of Annette before (I think of YOU as the master of the romantic room), but I am so glad to know of her work now!

  17. Hi Amy, this room is so sweet. It makes me want to jump in the book pages, curl up and read a book. I've got a large tqs. cabinet in my entry with rustic stain inside. I have wondered about wall papering it. It was good to see it actually done. I do think it would need to be something subtle. Always love hearing from you!

  18. That book and your home are beautiful! What a neat inspiration your blog is too.

  19. I can Annette's influence in your home. Both of you have beautifully feminine homes. I have to tell you though, at first glance...I thought it was YOU that had been published! Your home should be! I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to hear of that happening!

  20. What a pretty room, Amy. Funny, but I kept thinking it reminded me of your living room and towards the end of the post you showed your room...every bit as beautiful as the book!



  21. I was thinking it was going to be your room too. It's funny how the two of you have almost identical rooms. With less furniture her "after" is better even though I love everything from both rooms. I love the fabric you chose for the bookshelves. I bet it won't look as busy when you have your stuff in front of it. I once painted my bookshelves a dark rose. This was in the late 80's and totally my own style. Well it ended up looking like pepto bismol, but it wasn't so bad once the books and things were on it. I then put it in my daughter's room and now it's in the garage waiting for a new makeover. Have a great weekend!

  22. It's posts like this that keep me coming back! I do the same thing with magazines and books--in fact I spent about 3 days solid looing through stacks and stacks of decorating magazines looking for a specific home that had been featured in several Christmas publications, as well as not dressed for the Holidays! Thank you also for the nice comments on Mod Vintage Life!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage


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